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Designing in the Contemporary Bespoke Style
So often I am asked, “What’s new”? This is a great question with so many answers. Maybe it’s a new product, a new technique, a new variety of cut flower or a new book. Currently, my answer to the “What’s new?” question
Tips for testing at the AIFD Symposium
Is this the year you get serious about your floral career? For many, that means taking the step to become a Certified Floral Designer. At Floral Design Institute, we take career preparation seriously.
Valentine's Day Followup - Achieving Life Balance
In my last blog, I wrote about the need for planning and preparing for the Valentine holiday. How'd you do? Were you able to keep the day in control? What issues did you encounter?
Preparing for Valentine's Day - The Florist's Countdown
February 14th is the biggest flower day of the year. Unfortunately, the day of love, is often the day of hate for the professional florist. It does not have to be that way.
Resolutions for a Creative New Year
The year is off and running! How quickly 2015 raced by and now, January is racing along as well. Whew! Time to take a deep breath and focus on today. This quote from Dalai Lama says it best:
Holiday Entertaining
The holiday entertaining season has officially begun. Each year, it seems to start a little earlier. What once was Thanksgiving through Christmas now stretches from Halloween to New Years.
Floral Careers of the Future
Where will the flower jobs be for the successful florists of tomorrow? That is the important question. The floral world is changing and evolving. Those that adjust and adapt will be successful.
Autumn Flower Trends 2014
The Autumn 2014 color trends focus on three palettes. Traditional, neutral and contemporary - fire, blushed and aubergine. Each harmony is fabulous and easy to interpret with fresh floral materials.
The Successful Floral Entrepreneur
The dream of owning your own business, being the boss and the independence of entrepreneurship is quite exciting. A word of warning, the transition from employee to entrepreneur is a big step.
Floral Design as a Career
So often I get asked, "Can I make a living as a florist?". Good question! Working with flowers sounds like a fun and glamorous profession. It's no wonder many want to pursue floral design as a career.
Self-Care for the Professional Florist
Look out, florists! The grand floral holiday, Mother's Day is rapidly approaching. As they say....objects may be closer than they appear! It's time to count down the days to May 11th. Are you ready?
Choosing a Floral Design School
As you focus on your career, how do you decide which school will be best for you? Check out the Top 10 list for choosing a floral design school and learn why the Floral Design Institute should be YOUR Education Resource.
Prom Trends 2014
Proms have grown into year-round events. The planning and preparation begins months before the prom with social media an essential element in the planning. Pinterest and Instagram activity soars.
Color Trends 2014
By now, you know the Pantone color of the year is Radiant Orchid, a lovely hue in the violet spectrum. This creative, inspiring color is sure to be a popular color for 2014. Rounding out the trending colors, you'll be seeing blues, grays, nudes and blushed pastels in the coming year. What do all these colors have in common?
Do Something You Love in the New Year
January offers a clean slate, a fresh start, new hopes, new dreams and a chance to stretch ourselves as we reach for the sun, moon and stars in the New Year. January 1, 2014 brings a rare celestial gift; as we celebrate the New Year, a new moon will grace the sky. Look to the western heavens to spy the sliver of a young moon.
Sell Flowers with joint marketing tactics
Marketing is more fun and twice (or thrice) as effective when you work collaboratively. So gather your entrepreneur friends together and let's get started. It's easy as 1-2-3!
Creativity Enhancers
Unleash the Creative Soul We're all creative. Each and everyone one of us is born with a creative soul. That's what sets apart the human from all other living beings. Unfortunately, life gets in the way.
What do Florists Do?
What do Florists Do? - I'm often asked, "What do florists do throughout a normal day?" What a great question. Of course, I always respond with, "there is no normal!" Now, I'm sure that is not the answer you're looking for.
Fabulous Floral Career
Recently I was reminded just how fabulous it is to work in the world of flowers. Oh, yes. There are a few downsides (aren't there always downsides?) but, just a few. Mostly, being a florist is just grand fun.
Preparing for a career in floral design
Education, the key to success - Are you thinking of a career in floral design? Or, maybe you already work in the world of flowers but want to expand your creative career options. As a talented and creative person, you have unique talents to share.
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