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Pussy Willow Basket

With the cold, dark days of winter, comes a craving for bright flowers in the home... a bud vase in the bathroom, short daffodils in a coffee cup for the kitchen, and a big basket filled with a burst of floral color in the living room.   With their fresh scent and color, fresh flowers defy the winter storm outside and nurture the soul inside.

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Pussy willows are a winter favorite of mine.  They burst forth with fuzzy catkins even as the cold rain pours down.  Once you locate a bush, you can harvest branches as early as December, bring them indoors and watch them explode with the silvered texture of springtime.  The pussy willows can easily be dried to enjoy for months to come.  Just pull them from the basket when the flowers have faded and place them in a vase without water.  This basket explodes with the essence of spring!  

Supplies and tools that you will need:

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12" Rectangular Basket
Heavy Duty Black Garbage Bag
1 Brick Wet Floral Foam
2 pieces 22gauge wire
Sphagnum moss
6 branches Pussy Willow
2 stems Privet Foliage


2 stems Monte Casino
5 Yellow Daffodils
5 Purple Tulips
1 Purple Hyacinth
3 White Anemone
5 Apricot Hypericum
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