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Common Names: Anthurium,  Flamingo Lily, Tail Flower, Painted Tongue
Botanical Name:  Anthurium, (an-THUR-ee-um)
Availability:  Year-round
Vase Life:  10 - 45 days, depending on cultivar
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Storage Temperature: 53 - 63F
Ethylene Sensitive: No
Description: The Anthurium "bloom" is made up of a modified shiny leaf and a long horn like spadix.  The true small flowers are located on the spadix. The flowers appear as a roughness on the spadix as compared to a smooth spadix.
Colors: Red and shades of red are most common.   Less common are cultivars in white, green, purple and multi-colored.
Botanical Facts: The name Anthurium is Greek for "tailflower"
Design Notes: Anthurium is a dramatic tropical flower, generally used alone, or in contemporary floral designs with other exotic flowers.   The bloom makes a strong focal point.
Purchasing Hints:  Purchase when the spadix, is 50 to 75 percent mature. Avoid flowers that show bruising, torn bracts and blackening edges.
Conditioning:  Fill a large tub with warm water and soak the entire flower for 20 minutes.  Cut under water with a sharp knife.  Hydrate in warm water for two hours before storage or usage.  Use a solution of warm water and commercial floral preservative / floral food after hydration.
Additional Notes:  Anthurium is chill sensitive.  Exposure to temperatures below 55F will cause them to turn gray or black.   They are also very sensitive to bruising,  so handle carefully.  Bruised areas will turn blue or black. Keep vase water clean as Anthurium stems are very susceptible to stem blockage.
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