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Mini-Carnation, Dianthus caryophyllus dana
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Common Names: Mini-Carnation
Botanical Name:  Dianthus (die-ANTH-us)
Availability:  Year-round
Vase Life:  7 to 14 days.
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Storage Temperature:  36 - 38 F
Ethylene Sensitive: Yes
Description: Multi-petaled,  double blossoms approximately 1 to 1&1/2 inches across on sprays of multi-branched stems and many blossoms per spray.
Colors:  Wide range of colors, not limited to: Pink, white, red, purple, yellow, and orange.  Plus bi-colors and frosted varieties.
Botanical Facts: The name is from the Greek words (DI) Zeus and (ANTHOS) Flower
Design Notes: The wide range of colors and the versatility of the carnation makes it a popular flower in floral design.   Mini-carnations are a good filler flower, or for adding mass to an arrangement.    Small buds and blossoms are popular for wedding and corsage work.
Purchasing Hints:  Purchase flowers with tight buds and one or two blossoms just open per stem.  Avoid flowers that are shriveling or showing brown tips on the petals.
Conditioning:  Remove all foliage that will be below the water line. Cut under water with a sharp knife.  Hydrate in a solution of warm water and commercial floral preservative / floral food for two hours before storage or usage.
Additional Notes:  Mini-Carnations are very sensitive to the effects of ethylene gas.  Ethylene may cause shriveling or browning of petal tips.
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