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Common Names: Ecualyptus, Silver Dollar Ecualyptus, Seeded  Ecualyptus, Willow  Ecualyptus, Baby Blue  Ecualyptus,
Botanical Name:   Ecualyptus, (ew-ka-LIP-tus)
Availability:  Year-round
Vase Life:  7 to 28 days.
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Storage Temperature:  36 - 38 F
Ethylene Sensitive: No
Description: Over 200 species of foliage of widely varying shapes.  Round and oval to willow like.  Numerous species grown for the distinctively shaped seed pods.
Colors: Foliage color varies by species.   Blue-green, Green, Dark Green, Silver-Grey.
Botanical Facts: The name is from the Greek words eu (well) and kalypto (to cover).  Referring to how the calyx forms a lid over the flowers in the bud.   Ecualyptus oil is a herbal remedy used for respiratory ailments.   Ecualyptus is native to Australia and Tasmania. 
Design Notes: A wonderful group of fragrant foliages which can be used to establish line, texture and create motion in a floral design.
Purchasing Hints:  Purchase foliage that is turgid and pliable.  Avoid foliage with wilted tips.
Conditioning:  Remove all foliage that will be below the water line. Give the woody stem a fresh break or cut.  Hydrate in a solution of warm water and commercial floral preservative / floral food for two hours before storage or usage.
Additional Notes:   Ecualyptus will produce damaging levels of ethylene if water stressed.  Removing leaves from   ecualyptus will produce a sticky residue.  This can be removed from your hands by using a soap that contains lanolin.  You may want to use gloves when working with   ecualyptus.
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