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Of all fruits and vegetables the one that holds the most magic for me is the watermelon.  When I see a watermelon it suddenly becomes summer.  The fragrance of a freshly cut watermelon opens a torrent of memories; bare feet in the warm rich earth of a summer garden, lush green grass, cool shady picnic spots beneath spreading oak trees, sticky sweet juice dripping off my chin and onto bare legs.

  The watermelon is such a beautiful fruit; a dark and light green variegated pattern on its smooth surface contrasted by the bright red flesh of the interior.  It is no wonder that we find the watermelon featured in art, fabrics and prints.  As we were preparing the design ideas for this newsletter I thought, “Why not combine the watermelon and colorful flowers into summertime arrangements?”  The watermelon carves beautifully and makes a perfect container for flowers.  The flesh of the melon is firm enough to hold the flower stems and provides both water and sugar for the cut flowers.  And the colors are beautiful, simply beautiful.

Now, I must confess that watermelon can be messy, very, very messy - so messy in fact that I turned this design project over to my husband David.  He’s a boy and we all know that boys love messy things.  David enlisted the assistance of floral designer and instructor Erik Witcraft and together they created some absolutely fantastic summer designs.

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