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Prom time!  Are you ready?   The number one occasion for corsages is high school prom.  Closely following is the wedding world but for now, it is PROM TIME!

One of my favorite “cheap dates” is to sit at the river front promenade and watch the prom-ers as they arrive for dinner.  What fun to see the glamour and glitz!  There are literally hundreds of kids (ok, young adults) strutting their “stuff”.  Dresses, shoes, jewelry, hair and flowers – oh, the flowers!  Mostly, I just watch.  Sometimes, I can’t hold myself back.  “Where did you get that?”  “Oh, my gosh! That is gorgeous!”  Others, I have to stifle the “E-gads!  It looks like a hamster casket spray!”  And occasionally, the compassionate designer in me takes over and I have to “rescue” a corsage that is falling apart.

Creative Prom Corsages is actually quite fun if you get in the right mind.  And, yes, when you have dozens to do, it can be hard to get in the right mind.  A friend or two to work with, a cup of tea or coffee and cookies (lots of cookies) always helps me.  Creativity helps as well.  Check out our fun new ideas.  All are quick, minimal labor and trendy too.  Get ready now so that you can get your work done in time to meet me on the promenade.

Need more inspiration?  We have the brand new book,
Prom & Homecoming Flowers available now.

                                                         See you next week,

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