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image004. Gift-Button-1.gif (5485 bytes) Gift Certificates

Our gift certificates may be used for all of our classes, in the classroom or home study.   The gift certificates may also be used for floral design books, DVDs, tools and supply purchases.

Using the order button below, select the dollar amount of the gift certificate that you desire.  You may select multiple amounts to create the total that you wish for your gift. Be sure to include the recipient's name, address, phone number and email address with your order.    Include any special instructions and message that you would like sent to the recipient in the comments section of the order form.

Gift Certificate, FREE Shipping
Gift Amount  
image004. Designer's-Kit.gif (19778 bytes) Floral Designer's Kit

Here's the perfect gift for the special someone dreaming of floral design.  The knife, thumb guard and apron to get you to work, the ID Book to help with choosing the perfect flowers and to get you off in the right direction, the Floral Design Theory and Mechanics DVD.  Yes, this gift pack covers just a bit of everything!   Giftwrapped and ready to go for a friend or yourself!  A great price for a great gift, and FREE shipping too.

This gift wrapped kit includes:
Knife and thumb guard
DVD - Floral Theory and Mechanics
Identification Guide Book
KT1023, Price, $69.95 each, FREE Shipping
image004. Floral-Knife.gif (17813 bytes) Folding Floral Knife

A professional florist needs very few tools. The one absolute necessity is a high-quality floral knife. This is one of the finest quality floral knives that we have ever found.

The blade is rigid and unbending, even when cutting woody stems.   The high-quality stainless steel edge is very sharp and keeps its edge for months of continuous usage.  We use these knives in our classrooms and I always keep one in my pocket.   
FS1000, Price, $15.00 each
image004. Rose-Gloves.gif (25550 bytes) Floral Designer's Rose Gloves

For years I searched for the perfect tool for stripping the thorns from rose stems.  While I found many effective thorn stripping tools, most also damaged the rose stems.  And a scarified rose stem will not drink water.  Five years ago, we found the perfect tool for stripping thorns.  A glove with a soft, yet totally "thorn-proof" coating.  By simply grasping the rose stem, then pulling your gloved hand down the rose stem, you can remove or blunt the rose thorns.   These gloves also offer wonderful  protection when working with evergreens, holly, or any "prickly" foliages.
FS1011, Price, $11.50 per pair.
Women's Small: Size 8, Women's Large: Size 9, Men's Medium: Size 10
Glove Size  
image004. Glue.gif (18506 bytes)

Oasis Floral Adhesive

Also known as "Cold Glue", Oasis Floral Adhesive is a wonderful product that allows you to actually glue fresh flowers to ribbon or tule, to foliages and garland. This product adds a whole new dimension to corsage making. Floral Adhesive comes in an easy to use 39 gram squeeze tube, with resealable cap.

FS1008, price, $6.50, single tube
image004. Floralife.gif (22627 bytes) Floralife Fresh Flower Preservative

This 10 ounce tub will provide you with enough preservative / food for 30 quarts of preservative - water solution or approximately 24 vase arrangements of fresh flowers. A good Floral Preservative / Food is essential for maximizing the vase life of arranged flowers.  There are three primary ingredients in floral food / preservatives which work in harmony to extend the vase life of cut flowers.  The primary ingredients include a sugar which provides nourishment for the cut flowers,  a biocide which inhibits the growth of fungi and bacteria,  and an acidifier, which lowers the pH of the water. Review our pages on Flower Care & Handling for additional information.
FS1002, price, $4.75, 10oz tub
image004. Crowning-Glory.gif (12243 bytes) Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory is like a hand lotion for flowers.  It helps to seal the surface of the blossoms and leaves of cut flowers, thus slowing the transpiration and water loss of the flowers.  Crowning Glory is excellent for use on corsages and wedding flowers.  It will also help to prolong the life of vase flowers.  To use, you simple spray a fine mist of Crowning Glory on your arrangement or corsage.  Allow the flowers to dry at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes.
FS1004, price, $5.00, 16 oz bottle out of stock

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