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We see a lot of books at Floral Design Institute, so when I say that "this may be the best wedding flowers book that I have ever seen", that's really saying something.

Wedding Flower Style by the John Henry Company is a glorious collection of 650 floral designs.  All of the designs are new, up-to-date and cover everything from simple and traditional to extravagant and sensational.  The designs are beautifully photographed and featured in an oversized, 13"x9.5" format.  WEDDING FLOWER STYLE is a set featuring a 176 page design presentation book, a 176 page design handbook with recipes for all featured designs and a CD containing web ready photos, a pricing program and design recipes.   You may even use the photos for your own web site.

If you do wedding flowers, you are going to love this book.

Click on the following link for more sample photos and to purchase WEDDING FLOWER STYLE

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