Autumn Nest Bridal Bouquet

To begin, find a nest that will hold a round European Bridal Bouquet holder. The nest I am using here is approximately ten inches in diameter.  This will form the base of the bouquet.

Step One:

For a smaller version of this design, use a standard straight bridal bouquet holder and nest. What a wonderful option for the bridesmaids of this wedding party.

Step Two:

The depth of the nest is such that the handle attached to the European holder will not be long enough for a bride to comfortably hold. To create a dramatic handle embellishment and to allow for easy carrying, simply hot glue a twelve inch piece of PVC pipe in place over the original handle. To ensure that none of the mechanics show, cover the base of the holder with a fabulous green lichen or moss.

Step Three:

Once the hot glue has dried and your handle is secure. Insert the holder into the nest creating a festive base to begin building upon.

Step Four:

Tufts of mood moss create a paved pathway. Secure them in place using 22 gauge wire made into hairpins; greening pins would also work well to hold the tufts in place. Cross pierce through the base of the air plant to insert it into the foam. For a little extra security add a dab of cold glue around the base before inserting the air plant into the holder.

Step Five:

Tillandsia make a captivating addition to the bouquet, these air plants are quickly becoming a trendy wedding flower, and it is easy to see why. With their muted moss gray color and soft curving petals they play beautifully into an autumn mix. Green cox comb and mocha blush roses are tucked under the tillandsia, playing a game of hide and seek which adds a bit of whimsy to the bouquet.

Step Six:

Continue to fill out the holder with your favorite autumn treasures. Choose anything that inspires you and sparks your creativity. Add a few rhinestones for a bit of sparkle and elegance along the air plant or add jewels in the center of each rose. The possibilities here are endless.

Step Seven:

Finish off the handle with a coordinating festive ribbon or fabric. Uglue dashes make it easy to secure the fabric to the pipe. Embellish the wrap with bullion wire and feathers for an extra special finishing touch.

Step Eight:

Have fun and be creative with this design. Allow the textures and colors of the season to be your guide. Happy Designing!

Click Here for the Supplies Used in this Demonstration