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Photo Styling Tips for the Professional Florist
Posted: May 20, 2016

The styled photo shoot has become the standard for wedding promotion. You’ve seen it on Instagram, Pinterest and Face book.  You may have received a photo as a direct marketing e-mail and you may be producing your own photo collateral.  Photo styling is on-trend, expected and key to success in today’s wedding floral market place.  Guest instructor, Shane Parker Meehan

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Traits of a Successful Florist
Posted: April 26, 2016

I’m often asked, what does it take to be a successful florist.  First of all, it helps if you love flowers – duh!  On a side note, if you did not love flowers, why would you want to be a florist?  And, if you don’t love flowers, what is wrong with you?!?!?!  Back to the key question:  What personality traits are key to success in a floral career? 
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The Top 10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Floral Design School
Posted: February 22, 2016

As you focus on your career, how do you decide which school will be best for you?  Check out the Top 10 list for choosing a floral design school and learn why the Floral Design Institute should be YOUR Education Resource.
The Top 10 Things to Look for When Choosing a Floral Design School
1) School Licensing - Is the school licensed through the State Department of Education? This is a legal requirement.  If they do not meet the legal requirements, they will not be able to certify you upon graduation.
2) Industry Certification - The 
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Bespoke Garden Style Floral Design
Posted: May 15, 2015

So often I am asked, “What’s new”?  This is a great question with so many answers.  Maybe it’s a new product, a new technique, a new variety of cut flower or a new book.  Currently, my answer to the “What’s new?” question is Bespoke Garden Style Floral Design.  Funny enough…it isn’t really new.  As with all things, what’s old is new again.
According to Wikipedia, the word Bespoke is derived from the verb bespeak, meaning to speak for something. First cited in 1583, the word was used “to arrange for”, “engage beforehand” and “to order”.  Synonyms would be custom-made and made to order.  Prevalent in British English, the word is seeing increased usage in American English.  The Bespoke Garden Style is also referred to as Cutting Garden Style and Old Masters Design (from the art world).  For those of us old enough to remember, this design style was often referred to as the Sprye Style named after British Floral designer/educator Constance Sprye.

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Preparing for the PFDE
Posted: March 05, 2015

Is this the year you get serious about your floral career?  For many, that means taking the step to become a Certified Floral Designer.  At Floral Design Institute, we take career preparation seriously.  Hands-on practice with fresh flowers, lectures on the elements, principles, mechanics and theories of design plus discussions on the various styles of design provides the strong foundation for a floral career.  The FDI Certified Floral Designer status is achieved with 160-hours of intensive training paired with independent study and practice.  Being an FDI Certified Floral Designer starts you off on the career path well prepared.

For accreditation, many FDI graduates turn to the American…

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Valentine's Day Followup - Achieving Life Balance
Posted: February 15, 2015

In my last blog, I wrote about the need for planning and preparing for the Valentine holiday.  How'd you do?  Were you able to keep the day in control?  What issues did you encounter?  Even with the best of planning, there is going to be a glitch or two.  The ultimate goal? Manageable glitches - that's the best possible scenario!
Now that the day is past, it is time to reflect.  I bet many of you (us) are back to work today.  Cleaning out the backroom, stashing the recycling, taking out the trash and checking flower order needs for the coming week.  It's a three day weekend - a holiday - where is your family?

As the coming days unfold, make a plan to balance your life.  What bliss that would be!  Work-play-love balanced…

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Preparing for Valentine's Day - The Florist's Countdown
Posted: January 29, 2015

February 14th is the biggest flower day of the year.  Unfortunately, the day of love, is often the day of hate for the professional florist.  It does not have to be that way.  With careful planning, preparation and artful use of the word "no", Valentine's Day can be fun, profitable and yes, a holiday to love.
First, repeat after me.  "No".  Again, "No".  And, one more time, "No".  When you are asked to do something you can't do well and/or do not want to do, just say, "No" and mean it.  Of course, say it with a smile and offer an alternative.  But, if it is not in your repertoire, don't try to add it on the busiest holiday of the year.
Second, determine just how many arrangements you can sell.  Think about it.  How many designs can you create in an hour?  How many hours do you work?  (24 hours a day is not a good answer.)  If you can create 5 arrangements an hour (that's 12 minutes a design) and you want to work an 8 hour day, you will want to sell no more than 40 arrangements.  If you have 3 employees you can add their design counts as well and sell a total of 160 arrangements.
Don't stop there -
Do you have enough delivery capability…

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Resolutions for a Creative New Year
Posted: January 03, 2015

The year is off and running!  How quickly 2015 raced by and now, January is racing along as well.  Whew!  Time to take a deep breath and focus on today.  This quote from Dalai Lama says it best:
There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done.
One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live.
Sage advice from a very wise man.  What can I do today to make this day the "best day ever"?   That is going to be my daily question to myself.  I just need to be my best self today and repeat that task each and everyday.
This is how I'm answering the question today.  The goal will be to maintain the daily question and answer for a fabulous "best day ever"  all year long.
Today I will:
Eat:  Three full meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Nourish the body each and every day.  Without nutrition, the body and the brain can not function at peak levels.  With the fast paced life we all lead, eating right becomes crucial in staying healthy.  First step to successful nutrition is eating at home.  No time to cook? (Or, maybe like me you…

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Holiday Entertaining
Posted: November 15, 2014

The holiday entertaining season has officially begun.  Each year, it seems to start a little earlier.  What once was Thanksgiving through Christmas now stretches from Halloween to New Years.   Knowing you'll have a house filled with visitors over the next few months can be stressful.  You could end up cleaning for days on end, fretting over decor and driving yourself crazy trying to present the "perfect" home.  Stop!  Don't fall into the entertaining stress trap.  Step back and focus.  There are only a few things that really must be done to be ready for holiday entertaining.  No need to worry - it's easy!
Working as a professional florist for more years than I will admit, I have learned a few tricks over the years.  Just as in floral design, the art of entertaining is often an illusion.  With three steps, you can be ready to entertain.  One-Two-Three... quick and easy.
Begin by gathering your "stuff".  I know it sounds funny but organized "stuff" looks planned and is acceptable.  "Stuff" just laying around looks like clutter.  Purchase a few large baskets and place one in each room.  When you don't have time to clean, organize and put things…

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Floral Careers of the Future
Posted: September 24, 2014

Floral Careers of the Future - Where will the flower jobs be for the successful florists of tomorrow?  That is the important question.  The floral world is changing and evolving.  Those that adjust and adapt will be successful.  Florists caught unaware, are unwilling or unable to accept the changes will not be successful.  It is as simple as that.
The good news.... Flower sales are up.  People are buying more flowers than ever before.  This allows for more opportunities for the professional florist.  Demand for personalized, high quality floral design is increasing.  The opportunities for florists with a fresh perspective are boundless!  Yes, there is more floral business out there then you can imagine. And yes, there is plenty of floral business to go around for everyone.
Where is all this floral business, you ask?  There are three main categories of growth in the floral industry:  Event, Sympathy and Self Purchase.  Each of these areas are experiencing rapid sales growth and the economic forecast is for this increase to continue.

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