Summer's Floral Bounty

In the summertime we don't often think of white flowers - but how about a glowing moonlight garden design? In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne creates with the bounty of summer in local white flowers -- cosmos, dahlias, scabiosa, phlox and more -- all in a foam-free design. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

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The summer bounty inspired by a moonlight garden, fabulous white flowers and variegated foliages and foam free, of course.

The mechanics, I've got a watertight container, floral netting, and then water mixed with flower food. The flowers, everything came from FDI Certified Floral Designer farmer, Natalie Tegarden, all of it from Olive Branch Farms, so beautiful. Working on the white palette. Lysimachia, Phlox, Dahlias, Scabiosa, Queen Anne's lace. So many great things. For the foliage also, from Olive Branch Farm. Beautiful Dogwood and Mint. The variegation will be fabulous with the white blooms.

Starting with a casual nest of foliage, placing it in to create the base that will support the flowers, letting it drape, making sure it's down far into the water so that it will drink well. Breaking the line of the container radiating from a central binding point, but being a little more casual than you normally would do, so that it gives it that garden vibe that will set off the beautiful garden flowers, dividing it, making sure I go from front to back. Then once the Mint is in place, coming back with the Dogwood, getting that brighter. Again, radiating front back, side to side in a casual nest for the flowers.

Starting with the heavier, larger flowers first, the Dahlias so beautiful, tucking them in, and of course bringing them around towards the back, but still facing everything forward. It's going to be a one-sided arrangement, but you don't want to forget the backside, so it's really three quarters. Maybe some Phlox, letting it drape outward and forward, and then repeat.

Last, adding in the more delicate bloom, letting them be a little bit longer, drawing the eye upward. Maybe the Cosmos tucking that in, coming out over the top a bit. They're so delicate and lacy. The Queen Anne's lace, also delicate and lacy. Scabiosa and their stems are so tiny and strong that they can just feed right in between the other blooms.

The recipe, everything from Olive Branch Farms right here, just across the river in Vancouver, Washington. I started with a base, Mint and Dogwood. Then I worked in sevens, seven Cosmos, seven Scabiosa, seven of the Lysimachia, seven Phlox, seven Queen Anne's lace, and seven Dahlias. Lush and fabulous.

What you're missing on the video is the fact that this is fragrantly fabulous, very herbal. That's another trait of the bounty of the moon garden, white flowers, and fragrance. To get all the senses in the light of the moon, you'll find more inspiration using garden flowers on the website, Look through there, get inspired, then gather up your favorite garden flowers. Think about the moonlight and create a way, because today it's your turn to do something you love in the moonlight style.

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