Autumn Floral Compote

Flowers for the autumn season are no longer just fire colors. With florals from Florabundance.com autumn arrives in many different colors, flowers, foliages and dried materials. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne creates a gorgeous foam free bespoke garden style design in a lovely footed compote. Enjoy!

Video Transcription

Welcome to the Flower School.com video library. I'm Leanne Kesler, director of the Floral Design Institute, and today I'm here to share with you and on-trend design, the autumn flower compote.

For the flowers, I went shopping Florabundance.com. It makes it so easy. It's all online. You look at the pictures, you search by color, you search by season, you search by variety. You pick what you want, and then it's delivered to your doorstep by FedEx. How perfect is that? No contact delivery, all the things, and ordering at night in your pajamas. Could it get any better? I love it. This is our gathering, I have so many different materials. They had a vast abundance of things to choose from. Some that were pretty spectacular, the hellebores, the pineapple lily, Is that not grand? One of my faves. Tulips that have been color enhanced, dyed to bring in that brown mocha hue. And then the roses, one of my favorites, cappuccino.

The container, a wonderful compote that was gifted to me by one of our graduates, Vivian. She shipped it in directly from China. I love it. Fill it with water, flower food, and floral netting, so it gives me a foam free base. Setting that in place, and then starting with the lines, looking at all the wonderful things I had to work with. Some of the pennisetum grass, gives me beautiful horizontal movement coming through to the side. Eucalyptus, there's so many different varieties. This one, so unique with the coloration, giving it a cut, coming out to the side, and repeating that the opposite direction. Finding another perfect little piece here, pulling it out, coming out, and it just fits right into the floral netting. The hellebores, they're so wonderful, but their heads, you have to be careful because they look down normally and you want it to be up so that the face will show. So setting it in, weaving it through, coming across to the opposite direction, and then repeat that with additional blooms, additional grasses. Setting it in, letting it drape nicely. Adding more of the pennisetum, getting horizontal movement begun before you fill in the emphasis.

Once you have that horizontal placement begun, you want to think about filling in the focal emphasis. Some beautiful smoke bush gives some depth. Giving it a cut, placing it in, coming some to the front, some to the back, maybe another coming up more towards the center, creating a nice triangle. Then coming in with the beautiful pineapple lily, adding a little bit of height, coming through the center. It makes it so interesting because people aren't used to seeing these. They're a unique bloom, surprisingly long lasting, very thirsty. So you need to get them down into the water reservoir. Then coming back, thinking about how to lay things to create the focal emphasis. Some of the beautiful cappuccino roses coming out to the front, and repeating, and then also bringing it towards the back so that it's three dimensional. You don't want it flat. Then repeat that to get a nice, full, bouquet.

As I finish the design, I look. I have line, I have form. I have a focal emphasis. I don't have a lot of unity between all the pieces, so that's where you start adding in the beautiful cappuccino roses. They're so vibrant. They create a wonderful emphasis, but they need to come out a little further color-wise. So adding in the tulips, cleaning them off a bit, then letting them come out to the side, bringing that color horizontally and repeating that. Getting a little bit of movement going on. Coming to the opposite side, carrying that color through, then thinking about texture. How to enhance the design with texture is a very contemporary concept. Texture is more important now than it ever was. A little bit of sedum, tucked low, creating a little bit of substance, adding texture. Smoke bush, we use it as the leaf, and now I'm coming back as the bloom. Adding even more lightness, vibrancy into the center and then cutting it and bringing it around to the back to carry your eye through from front to back.

The last details, looking at breaking the line, adding texture, adding interest, maybe a little more of the pennisetum grass. Cutting it, coming out with the tulips, letting it drape over. Coming in with a little bit of oregano. Yes, like you would cook with, but grown decoratively, and it gives you such wonderful dark color and texture. Finding a spot to set it right in, so oregano gone to bloom, adds great fragrance as well, tucking it and bringing over to the opposite side. And these berries, it's a variety of Brasilia. Isn't that not interesting that not interesting? So grand, such a different look. Cutting it, placing it down in close to enhance the focal emphasis, finding the perfect little hole and getting it down into the water so it'll continue to drink, repeating that, enhancing. Then looking where else there might be holes. Maybe you need more sedum, add some depth, and then have our little bit of fun, ruffled lisianthus. It's so beautiful. The buds, gorgeous on their own, can come out long and draping. Then the blooms, pulling in towards the focal emphasis, getting that little bit of ruffle and texture going on, leaving it slightly longer. Repeating that on the opposite side, again, coming out, carrying it out with the hellebores, and then bringing in a ruffled bloom, pulling towards the center and carrying it on through. It can come up with the pineapple lily then another ruffle bloom, bringing it into the focal emphasis to make sure that everything's full and lush.

The essence of autumn. All of these materials, except for the container, came from Florabundance.com. I started with so many wonderful things and by the time I was done, I have such a variety. There are eight of the cappuccino roses. Seven of the pennisetum grasses. Five of the dyed tulips. Five of the ruffle lisianthus. Three stems of that fabulous Brasilia. Three stems of the pineapple lily. Two stems of eucalyptus. Two stems of smoke bush and one stem of the smoke bush bloom. So I've got both the bloom and the leaf. And you can see, I did make it all the way around. It's not a one-sided arrangement. It's full, it's lush, and it's fabulous.

Often when you think about autumn and the fall season, you think of the yellows, the oranges, the more traditional hues, but as you can see, purple is a wonderful base. Yes, you can get it all at Florabundance.com, but the purples give you such a moody approach to the season. You'll find more creative inspiration Flower School.com. If you have questions, you can reach us there or pick up the telephone at (503) 223-8089.

Now it's your turn. What are you going to create this autumn season? Design, make beauty, take a photo and post it on social media. Be sure to tag Floral Design Institute so that we all can see what you do as you do something you love.

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