Winter Paperwhites

Paperwhites are the perfect meditation flower for the dawn of the new year. With 2016 racing to a close it’s time to reflect, but also time to look forward. These beautiful bulb flowers share a meaning of prosperity and wealth, especially for the future—what a grand way to begin 2017! So take a moment, pour a cup of tea, and renew your soul with this week’s slideshow, Winter Paperwhites. Enjoy the inspiration!

Step One:

Something about watching a bulb flower grow inspires a feeling of renewal, rejuvenation, and hope—which is why paperwhites will create a beautiful mono-botanical arrangement. For a full and lush design, use 5-10 bulbs. The base mechanic is a 13” wreath ring, with embellishments of yellow dogwood branches, and birch bark to enhance the natural and organic feeling of this floral design.

Step Two:

To begin, soak the wreath ring in water with floral food. Next, use floral clay to secure the anchor pins in place inside the ring-be sure to dry the plastic before sticking the pin in place to ensure it will not come lose later.

Step Three:

Once the mechanics are in place it is time to begin placing the bulbs. Firmly push the bulbs in place atop the anchor pins, to keep them secure upon the tray.

Step Four:

To create the botanical affect of this design, insert wood picks at the base of 3-4 bulbs and place them into the foam.

Step Five:

Next, add a layer of river rocks to cover the inside mechanics. This will add a decorative touch and also help secure the bulbs in place.

Step Six:

To support the outer bulbs, use a branch cutter to trim the dogwood branches into various lengths. Place the twigs in groupings around the floral ring as though they too are growing out of the design.

Step Seven:

There is an old wives tale that says if you add vodka to your paperwhites they will stand up straight--true or not, the best way to keep the leaves and blossoms standing tall is to add support with an armature. Using the outer groupings of twigs as a base nestle in cross supports between the inner blooms. Now as the flowers grow, they will stay straight and happy.

Step Eight:

Once the armature structure is complete, fill the outside edge with squares of birch bark. To create the layer affect begin at the bottom of the ring and work upwards.

Step Nine:

Looking forward to 2017, may your year be filled with prosperity, wealth, and fresh flowers. Just don't forget to breathe deep, and enjoy them!

Click Here for the Supplies Used in this Demonstration