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Opulent Sympathy Wreath

Proficiency in creating sympathy designs is critical for a successful floral designer. In this video clip Leanne creates a beautiful large wreath which could be placed on an easel stand of laid flat at a graveside. The wreath is designed on a 15 inch floral foam wreath, based with foliages and filled with hydrangea blossoms, hybrid roses and spray roses. The focus is on good mechanics and technique, assuring a long lasting and stable sympathy design. Enjoy!

September 22, 2017

Fall Bridal Bouquet

In this video clip Leanne revisits the classic hand-tied bridal bouquet, updated with a loose, casual contemporary look that is so popular with todays brides. Leanne carefully demonstrates the step-by-step techniques as she creates a gorgeous, highly textural bouquet with dramatic fall flowers from Florabundance.com. and finished with an elegant collar of ruched ribbon. Enjoy!

September 8, 2017

Wedding Compote Centerpiece

On trend for wedding receptions is a vintage styled centerpiece crafted in a compote vessel. In this how-to video Leanne gathers a luscious selection of flowers and foliages beginning with the Amnesia Rose, silvered foliages, Queen Anne’s Lace in soft pink and burgundy. Egg plant colored Scabiosa and angel wing begonia finishes the luxurious look of this vintage design. Enjoy!

September 1, 2017

Armature Collared Vase

For floral designers inspiration comes from many origins. The triadic color harmony found on a simple vase was the inspiration for the design in this how-to video. Leanne explains the triadic color harmony as she demonstrates the techniques used for crafting a collared armature and a hand-tied bouquet. The result; a dramatic, custom floral design.

August 25, 2017

Summer Wildflower Bouquet

If you love flowers you must relish the summer season. Flower Shops, Farmer’s Markets, Your Garden plus the Fields and Forest are filled with beautiful flowers. Yes, some might call these flowers weeds, but a weed is just a flower growing in the wrong place. In this video how-to demonstration Leanne mixes commercially grown flowers, garden flowers and “weeds” to create a spectacular vase bouquet using the French Weave technique. Enjoy!

August 18, 2017

Candelabra Wedding Centerpiece

A Candelabra adorned with foliages and flowers can be a most dramatic Wedding Centerpiece. In this video how-to demonstration Leanne teaches the mechanics and techniques for faultless construction as she creates a stunning centerpiece using the Oasis Floral Products Netted Garland. The finished candelabra centerpiece filled with Garden Roses, Dahlias, Coxcomb,and Gerbera Daisies is absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

August 13, 2017

Wedding Wrist Corsage

The wrist corsage is the current on-trend body flower for weddings. The fresh flower wrist corsage is comfortable to wear and allows for more freedom of movement. In this video how-to demonstration Leanne demonstrates a beautiful easy to create wrist corsage using a Slap Bracelet and Floral Adhesive from the Oasis Floral Products company. You will love the techniques demonstrated in this video. Enjoy!

August 3, 2017

Colorful Dahlia Centerpiece

In this video clip Leanne revisits the elements and principles of floral design as she creates an dramatic eclectic design with a focus on the beautiful Dahlia. As Leanne demonstrates the classic Western Line Style of design he discuses how to “break-the-rules” and mix garden flowers with exotic orchids. Enjoy!

July 28, 2017

Dramatic Armature Design

The design armature is a wonderful mechanic for supporting blossoms in a floral arrangement. While most armatures are hidden within the design, an artistic armature can be created to be the prominent feature of a contemporary floral design. In this video clip Leanne uses natural rattan midollino sticks to create a dramatic armature of triangle shapes as she creates a beautiful contemporary floral design. Enjoy!

July 22, 2017

Wedding Table Garland

A custom made garland filled with several exciting foliages and embellished with fresh garden roses is one of the most dramatic, cost-effective, easy-to-create and on-trend centerpieces for a wedding reception. In this video clip Leanne demonstrates how to create a gorgeous summer wedding garland as she shares the techniques for mixing flowers and foliages. Enjoy!

July 14, 2017