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Exuberant Springtime Bouquet

For floral designers this is a favorite time of the year. The flower markets are filled with an abundance of spring blossoms. It’s like the flower world is awash in a sea of color. In this video leanne creates a spectacular polychromatic springtime bouquet as she discusses color harmonies and showcases colorful spring blossoms. Enjoy!

March 8, 2019

Living Coral Centerpiece

Floral designers are loving the Pantone Color of the Year “Living Coral” There are literally hundreds of flower blossoms compatible with this color palette. In this video Leanne creates a lavish centerpiece using chicken wire as an armature. The arrangement is filled with roses, ranunculus and hypericum, all from FiftyFlowers.com . Enjoy!

March 1, 2019

Romantic Bridal Bouquet

Creating bridal bouquets using the Pantone Color of the Year “Living Coral” is easy. There are so many blossoms in the Living Coral hue. In this video Leanne creates a luscious, feminine bridal bouquet using flowers from Florabundance.com. The lilies were the inspiration for this bouquet. Leanne shares the technique for placing these delicate blossoms in a hand-tired bouquet without damaging the petals. Enjoy!

February 22, 2019

Spring Green Centerpiece

After Christmas and Valentine’s Day floral designers find the color red to be exhausting. Very simply, “we are tired of red”, spring is just around the corner and we all long for the calm and relaxing colors of springtime. In this video Leanne creates a beautiful centerpiece using the cool colors of green which are found on the opposite side of the color wheel from red. Enjoy!

February 15, 2019

Valentine’s Day Hand-Tied Bouquet

As floral designers prepare for the busiest single-day floral holiday of the year it’s important to be ready with several quick, easy and spectacular designs. In this video Leanne demonstrates a beautiful hand-tied bouquet containing roses and orchids. This bouquet can be prepared several days in advance and is sure to please someone’s sweetheart. Enjoy!

February 8, 2019

Floral Pendant Necklace

One of the hottest current trends in floral design is fresh flower jewelry. You will find floral rings, necklaces, hairpieces and bracelets worn at proms, weddings, parties and special events. In this video FDI Lead Instructor Michelle Heandrick AIFD FDI creates a very elegant, innovative and easy-to-create floral pennant necklace. You are going to love the techniques that she demonstrates. Enjoy!

January 31, 2019

Valentine's Day Love

For many floral designers Valentine’s Day is the biggest holiday of the year. To meet the volume of the holiday is is necessary to be organized and plan arrangements that can be prepared days before the holiday. In this video Leanne shares a beautiful arrangement framed in heart shaped heather. This is a perfect design for the busy holiday of love. Enjoy!

January 25, 2019

Profitable Valentines Day Preparation

For floral designers Valentine’s Day is a love-Hate holiday. We love the “holiday of love” and the boost in business volume. We hate the demands of so much business in such a limited time. The keys to success are organization, planning and early preparation. In this video Leanne shares the techniques for production design and tips for marketing from BloomNation.com. You will the natural armature designs that she creates. Enjoy!

January 18, 2019

Living Coral Bridal Bouquet

The Pantone Color of the Year “Living Coral” is going to be a favorite. Consumers love the color, and floral designers are raving about the color because it pairs so well with so many flowers. In this video Leanne creates a fabulous on-trend, hand-tied bridal bouquet featuring flowers from FiftyFlowers.com. You will love this gorgeous Living Coral mix of roses, ranunculus and hypericum. Enjoy!

January 11, 2019

Designing with Spring Flowers

A New Year has begun. The holidays are over and floral designers are tired of centerpieces and the colors of red and green. Now is the time for softer, meditational and purifying design. In this how-to video Leanne creates a simple floral composition using spring flowers. As she designs she explains how the elements and principles of design apply to a multiple vase design composition. Enjoy!

January 3, 2019