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Lantern Wedding Centerpiece

Candle lanterns are on-trend for weddings. In this video Leanne discusses how to create an impactful wedding centerpiece for the budget minded bride as she creates a beautiful centerpiece featuring a candle lantern in the center of a fresh flower ring. You will love the many techniques that Leanne shares in this demonstration. Enjoy!

July 27, 2018

Garden Rose Corsage

One of the many exciting things about the world of floral design is that it is never static.  Everything is always changing.  Trends, colors, styles and techniques.  In this video Leanne shares and demonstrates what may be the easiest technique for creating a contemporary garden rose corsage.  Enjoy!

July 20, 2018

Woodland Garden Centerpiece

On-trend and in-style are natural floral designs featuring locally grown flowers and treasures gathered from the forest.  In this video Leanne demonstrates the creation of a vegetative styled arrangement using flowers, foliages and materials all gathered from within a few miles of the studio.  Enjoy!

July 13, 2018

Rustic Wedding Boutonniere

In the world of floral design nothing is ever static.  Styles, colors, mechanics and techniques are ever changing.  In this video Leanne demonstrates an innovative  technique for creating the on-trend rustic wedding boutonniere. You will love her method for storing the boutonniere prior to the wedding.  Enjoy! 

July 6, 2018

Elegant Wedding Centerpiece

It is one thing to create a large and lavish centerpiece.  It is another to create a centerpiece that is profitable for the designer.  In this video Leanne shares valuable information on purchasing for profit, flower selection, and color selection as she creates a gorgeous design in the Bespoke Garden Style using flowers from FiftyFlowers.com. You will enjoy Leanne’s spotlight on the elements and principles of design in a round arrangement.  Enjoy! 

June 29, 2018

Garden Rose Dog Collar

A rapidly growing trend in the wedding flower business is flowers for pets. Many wedding couples now view their pets participation in their wedding to be just as important as the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. In this video clip Leanne demonstrates the techniques for creating a flower collar for a dog. Her model is the beautiful and very patient “Foxy”. FDI teacher Marissa is Foxy’s Mom. Foxy loves to come to the office with Marissa and really appears to enjoy being on stage. Enjoy!

June 22, 2018

Bespoke Bridal Bouquet

In this video clip Leanne shares an on-trend bridal bouquet in the Bespoke Garden Style using a floral netting armature.  Using gorgeous flowers from FiftyFlowers.com Leanne demonstrates the step-by-step creation of this luxurious bouquet.  As she creates the bouquet she emphasizes proper mechanics and the elements and principles of good design. Enjoy!  

June 16, 2018

Chic Summer Vase

Summer is such a wonderful season for floral designers.  The flower markets and gardens are filled with an abundance of flowers and foliages making each day an exciting exploration of flowers.  In this video demonstration Leanne shares the techniques for creating a vase design.  This is the type of design that you can make day-in-and-day-out with almost any type of flowers.  Enjoy!

June 1, 2018

Formal Linear Hand-Tied Bouquet

Creating a hand-tied bouquet is an essential skill that every professional floral designer must master.  In this video Leanne reviews the techniques for creating a hand-tied bouquet in the formal linear design style using a natural armature of curly willow. Although challenging, mastering the formal linear style is wonderfully rewarding.  Enjoy! 

May 25, 2018

Rustic Woodland Arrangement

In this video clip Leanne explores the vegetative design style.  Beginning with a Northwestern woodland styled basket she demonstrates the mechanics for constructing a watertight container, then reviews the elements of of the vegetative design style while creating a dramatic arrangement.  The result is a beautiful composition of twigs, moss, lichens, ranunculus, viburnum, hydrangea and grasses Enjoy!

May 18, 2018