Floral Design as a Career

So often I get asked, "Can I make a living as a florist?".  Good question! Working with flowers sounds like a fun and glamorous profession.  It's no wonder many want to pursue floral design as a career.  And, yes, to answer the question, you can make a living as a florist.  The choice is yours and the earning potential is all in how you approach the career. Are you a hobbyist, an amateur or a professional?  Which do you strive to be?  That answer will be the deciding factor in whether or not you can make a good living as a florist.  The difference between the three categories is all in the education and the commitment.

For the hobbyist, playing with flowers is grand fun.  And it should be!  Gather your flowers, arrange them as you like and enjoy!  If you want to explore design, learn how to make the flowers last longer and expand your artistic style, we have Free Online Videos, and DVD’s just for you.  Visit the Farmers Market, visit the grocery and plant a cutting garden.  The world of flowers is yours to enjoy.  No, you won't be able to make a living as a florist with the perspective of a hobbyist but, you will have lot’s of fun! 

For the amateur florist, you need to go a step further.  Making the statement that you are more than a hobbyist demands responsibility.  You must know how to care for flowers for longevity and the proper mechanics for design stability.  Take time to experiment with a variety of blooms.  Yes, you have the assignment of buying flowers, taking them home and studying them. Take Floral Design Classes and get personal instruction to expand your skill library and educate yourself on working with the floral medium.  Your goal should be validation as a Floral Design Institute Certified Floral Designer.  This is the foundation for becoming a professional florist and yes, the amateur florist can make a living working in the world of flowers.

The professional florist…this is quite different from the hobbyist and the amateur.  As a professional, you are fully competent in a variety of design styles.  You have mastered the mechanics of floral design and you understand the artistic elements and principles of design.  But, this is is not the end...the professional florist is constantly learning; attending Advanced Seminars, seeking out new materials, studying the trends and practicing new techniques.  Each new bit of knowledge expands the skill set and makes you a more valuable member of the floral industry.  The ultimate goal of the professional florist is validation with the title, Accredited in Floral Design through the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD)

Now you know, to make a living as a florist, you need to commit to being a professional florist.  You get the joy of working with flowers and you also accept the responsibility of working with flowers.  In combining the two, you have the basis for a wonderful, lifetime career in the flower world.  If you would like to discuss the career  of floral design and employment opportunities, feel free to pop off an e-mail to me ~ Leanne@FloralDesignInstitute.com ~ I'm happy to chat about all things floral.

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  1. Marianne culver:

    Feb 14, 2019 at 10:53 AM

    Hi Leanne,
    So glad to have discovered your site and all the great resources chocked together. Thanks from a hobbyist with plans to up my game.
    With regards,
    Marianne in Seattle

  2. david:

    Feb 22, 2019 at 09:11 AM

    Hi Marianne, When you are ready to "up your game", we are here for you.......

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