Flowers to Wear

Flowers to wear are subject to changing trends and the styles change frequently. In this Flowers to Wear workshop we will focus on the popular and in-style flowers, colors and designs. We will also carefully detail the best mechanics and techniques for creating well constructed designs. We will review and update care & handling techniques, explore new tools and supplies, and discuss flowers to wear packaging and presentation

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This workshop begins with a look at classic techniques. We will review the skill of wiring & taping and explore the uses of these techniques in simple wired corsages and advanced designs like an over-the-shoulder corsage. Some of these techniques are challenging. With effort, the results are dramatic. We will explore the most current corsage corsage styles and the techniques used in making these corsages. The glue technique makes the creation of the classic Duchess Rose corsage and the on-trend floral cuff so easy.

We will explore the options for boutonnieres. Demonstrations include how to create a wired boutonniere, a nosegay boutonniere and the stylish pocket square. You will be amazed at the many options for flowers for men.

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Then, we will shift gears and examine the on-trend flowers to wear for head pieces. We will demonstrate opulent floral crowns, floral circlets, the addition of veils and lastly, we'll create floral fascinators. From simple to dramatic, you will learn all of the mechanics for Flowers to Wear so that you can be confident that you're doing it well and correctly.

Finally we will revel in some of the most exciting new styles and techniques for flowers to wear, “the wearables”. We have to be careful when we say “new”. Innovative floral designers have been attaching flowers directly to the body for decades. However, new materials and techniques allow us to elevate floral wearables into an art form. You will love the demonstration of “wearables” and you will learn so much.

Very importantly, we will review pricing for flowers to wear. We all love to create beautiful flowers to wear. A true professional practices good mechanics, techniques, and profitable pricing. This course will help you achieve your goals of creating body flowers in a healthy and sustainable style.

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