Marisa Perring

AIFD FDI Instructor

In her 18 years as a floral designer Marisa Perring has worked for and studied with some of the design legends in the floral industry including Phil Rulloda AIFD and Cathy Rulloda AIFD. She has competed in state and national floral design competitions and was a three time runner up in the California State Design Completion. In 2007 Marissa was inducted into AIFD. She opened her own floral design studio California Emporflora in Southern California in 2005. In 2013 she moved to Portland, Oregon and joined the FDI instructor team in 2017.

Marisa is an instructor in the Basic Floral Design, Advanced Floral Design and Advanced Wedding Specialist Certification Programs, both in the classroom and through FDI’s Online Programs. She also teaches Advanced Seminars and Special Interest Classes. “My favorite part of floral design is being creative. It’s a way to express emotion through the art of flowers. Being able to share that with others is why I love to teach.”

When she is not teaching, Marisa is attending classes at PCC. She has a dog named Foxy that she adopted three years ago. She loves camping and swimming holes are her happy place.

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