Roses for Mother's Day

Time is racing by!  Wasn't it just yesterday we were preparing for Valentine’s Day?  How could it be that Mother’s Day is just a week away—eek!  It's time to think about fast and creative design.  Thanks to Jerome Raska AIFD, PFCI for the inspiration for this slide show.  At the January SAF Profit Blast seminar, Jerome talked about creating dramatic contemporary rose arrangements that were just as fast and easy as the traditional vase of roses.  These designs are perfect for the fast paced, Mother's Day holiday.

Contemporary Rose Armature

The first design is one that shouts “I love you Mom!” with style and drama. To begin you will need at least one bunch of curly willow. Use about half the bunch to build the bottom portion of the armature. When creating this, think about a garden lattice that supports a climbing garden rose.

Step One:

Use the remaining willow tips and nestle them horizontally within the vertical branches. The trick here is to make sure that you have enough room to place the roses—so be sure to leave some space between the branches. Secure each end with a bit of bind wire and TADA!!—you have an interesting and organic framework for your roses. The best part about this structure is that you could have many of these made up prior to the holiday just like a pre-greened vase.

Step Two:

Now it’s time to place the roses. Begin at one side and work your way across to the opposite side. Carefully placing the roses at the same height will create the greatest WOW (MOM upside down) factor.

Step Three:

To hide the base mechanics, add foliages tucked low at the base of the willow stems.  Israeli ruscus covers the foam well without hiding the handiwork of your armature structure.

Step Four:

Besides the high drama this design creates, it is super easy to nestle in an add-on sale of a box of chocolates, plush animals or jewelry. And, we all know in the midst of the Mother’s Day frenzy, easy is the best thing!

Step Five:

Going from tall and grand to a more understated style, this design will quietly show how much you love and care for mom. Again, you start with the willow. Create a low, nested armature in a rounded form with lots of movement.

Step Six:

Before you add in your roses, add foliage to the container.  Keep it nice and low to ensure the emphasis stays on your beautiful roses. Both of these arrangements are easy to prepare ahead of time.   Then, all you have to do is add the roses as the orders start to fly in.

Step Seven:

I know what you are thinking; "She cut all the stem length off those roses!" Yes, I did—and isn’t this is a wonderful fresh take on a dozen roses? This design is fast, easy, and contemporary, perfect for a modern mom.

Step Eight:

Now that you are full of inspiration and ideas, it is time to let the fun begin. Wishing you a profitable and fun Mother’s Day!

These dozen rose designs are sure to make a big impact this holiday— thanks Jerome!

Click Here for the Supplies Used in this Demonstration