Floral Design DVDs

Floral Design Institute is the producer of the largest library of floral design training videos in the world. Theory and Mechanics, Trends and Techniques, Wedding Flowers, Holiday Design, Party Flowers, Event Design, Flowers for your Home, and more; with hundreds to choose from, you will love our DVDs.

Floral Design Supplies

At Floral Design Institute we have developed a reliable source of quality floral supplies for the Floral Designer, and the information that you need to know about using these supplies. Everything that we sell is used in our classrooms, tested thoroughly and guaranteed.

Wedding Supplies

Floral design for weddings is a favorite subject at Floral Design Institute. We are continuously researching new trends, styles, and products for the wedding designer. When you purchase from Floral Design Institute, you get far more than just the product, you also get our help. Questions, just call us…

Floral Design Tools

At Floral Design Institute we take great pride in offering to you the finest quality tools to be found in the world. All of our tools are used in our classrooms and are tested extensively. If you are looking for something that you cannot find, or if you need information please call us…

Floral Design Books

We are always searching for, and purchasing new and exciting books on floral design. We carefully review all books and select our favorites for sale to you. And, your purchase of books from Floral Design Institute helps to support our students, classes, and training programs.

FlowerBox Products

Floral Design Institute is proud to introduce FlowerBox , an exciting new line of floral products created for the enlightened floral designer. FlowerBox vases and containers are beautifully designed, lightweight, fold flat for shipping, easily recyclable and reusable. Stylish, durable and environmentally friendly; these just may be the floral vases of the future.

Vases and Containers

We have assembled dozens of our favorite vases and containers for you; everything from inexpensive everyday containers to our premium collectable vases. Whether you need party props for a wedding, standard vases for customer bouquets or a special gift for a friend, make this your source for vases and containers.

Floral Design Kits

A Floral Design Kit is everything that you need to create a marvelous floral design.... a unique special container, floral foam, tape, wire, picks, anchors, candles, ribbon, special finishing touches, even a DVD with instructions on making the arrangement. Everything, except the flowers…

Floral Design Gifts

For a “Flower Lover” there is no better gift than flowers, floral books, floral DVDs and the tools and supplies needed for making beautiful floral arrangements. We have fashioned a selection of items appropriate for each season. And, don’t forget the hands-on classes at Floral Design Institute.

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