Spectacular Stephanotis

To begin, start by gathering a few materials to cover the base of the holder. A few uGlu strips and some aluminum wire will give this design an updated and modern feel. Of course you could use ribbon for a softer touch.

Step One:

Run the uGlu strips up and around the handle and base of the holder. From here, start by inserting about an inch of the wire into the foam and begin to wrap until you have covered the entire holder. The uGlu will hold the wire in place and keep it from slipping. If you are using ribbon, wait to cover the holder, as the foam will leak and water stain the fabric.

Step Two:

Now it is time to place the flowers. Start with a row of carnations at the base. It is important to start at the very bottom of the holder and work your way up to the center, by doing this you will ensure that you do not run out of foam in your holder. To adjust for size make your carnations stems shorter so they are closer to the base.

Step Three:

Continue to work your way up the holder by placing flowers in concentric circles inwards towards the center. Ideally you want all flower stems to be at the same height—this will create a soft smooth round form when you are finished. When you are happy with the base that you have created, you can begin to place the stephanotis.

Step Four:

Continue working in circles inward to make sure you still have room in the foam. As you ready the stephanotis there are a few options to a create a stem—I have used a combination of stephanotis stems as well as the hairpin wiring and taping technique. Both work equally well, though one is a bit more friendly on your fingers—giggle.

Step Five:

>Now, to finish the lush bouquet, take a few extra stephanotis blooms and work them in through the carnation base. My secret—cold glue! Yes, you can glue in extra blooms to fill any holes, and add additional pizazz!

Step Six:

A bit of soft ribbon or fresh leaves help to conceal any mechanics on the underside of the bouquet. Simple, elegant, and fragrant—a brides dream come true.

Step Seven:

Stephanotis really are spectacular flowers—The sweet fragrance alone is enough to transport you to another world—and the delicate blooms lend themselves to the soft angelic nature of a bride. They are truly a prefect wedding flower.

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