Festive New Year's Eve Party Decor

Crisp whites, crystal-clear vases and a touch of sparkle -- glitz and glam are never more at home than on New Year's Eve! In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne creates show-stopping decor featuring full stems of stunning white phalaenopsis orchids, metallic eucalyptus and glittered evergreen branches in a collection of elevated containers, perfect for any holiday celebration. Enjoy!

Video Transcription 

Starting the new year in style, with sparkle, glitter, and luxurious blooms in this Floral Design Institute Flower School Video, will show you step by step, how to add a little bit of sparkle in your brand-new year. This design, perfect for any holiday entertaining. 

For the vessels, I picked an assortment of cylinders, all elevated on pedestals, different sizes. Then I have some beautiful decorative rocks, to include in the silver. And then to carry on the glitter, some silver enhanced eucalyptus and silver enhanced conifer. This one, with glitter added, now that adds challenges. For the flowers, Phalaenopsis orchids. And I'm also going to add a little bit of Monstera leaf. The green, just makes it so much better, and lets everything settle out. When you're working, the reason I'm adding the silver rocks is that way as the glitter sheds, it's hidden within the rocks. So it doesn't make your water look dirty. It’s a little tricky. When you add it to the vases, tip them, and slide it down the side. That way you don't run the risk of breaking the vase. The larger mouth, that's easy. Pour it in gently. Shake it down maybe a little bit more, then adding water. Don't go very high. You can see I have just a little bit, because again, as you add the glitter, it'll just hide within the water. But if it's ray up here, you'll see glitter floating and it'll look messy. It's just not a very professional finish. So just adding a little bit, and you're ready for flowers. 

First step is to place in a few base materials, so that you can see your lines, and how it all fits together. Could be taking a stem of the Phalaenopsis, determining how tall it needs to be. You want that down into the water. Giving it a cut, and then anchoring it down into the rocks. Letting it hang over and repeating. They're so graceful, so gorgeous. Again, giving it a cut and draping. Down into the water. Maybe doing one that's a little shorter. Judging again the height, setting it in. You can see how it gracefully arches, through the design. Now the trick, when you're dealing with the sparkle, is give it a break, and then set it in and you can watch. Well, you probably can't see on camera, but the sparkle is dissipating down in, and just disappearing in the water. Then the lacquered branches, removing the sides where it might get down into the vessel. Then again, giving it a break, and nestling it right down in. Making sure it can reach the water as well. Lastly, if you want to add in with the green, giving it a cut. Checking my height, and then again nestling it right down in. So, it gets into the water, it's going to drink and be beautiful. And then you're ready to add a few more things. 

As you can see, it all starts looking so wonderful. But you can just go back and continue adding. Maybe combining it with the leaf over here, giving it a cut, and draping, nestling, and then to human size it. We've got everything so tall, so dramatic, which is perfect for a party, but you also want to bring it down where people would see it, be close to it and interact. That's where you have the smaller vessels and you would use the leftover bits of material. Again, getting that sparkle, dropping it in and a fun touch. Taking a single orchid, and going ahead and floating it, right down on the inside, so that you get the white top to bottom, and sparkle everywhere.

 At any point you could stop because you've made a grand statement. But, if the budget allows, going ahead and filling in a little more. Even taking slender pieces of the glittered, and sliding it all the way down inside the vessel, it brings that color through. Adding a little bit more of the eucalyptus, letting it come out with the branch, and then coming back with additional orchids. Determining your length, so that you can get it down to the water. And then setting it down, so it branches out to the opposite direction. 

The recipe I have six. One, two, three, four, five, six of the vessels, going from tall to short. Then I have seven stems of the Phalaenopsis orchid and a third of a bunch of the glittered cedar. And just about a quarter of a bunch, of the laced Silver Dollar Eucalyptus. Then monstera leaves to fill in. If you like it just the silver and white, don't use the leaves. If you like that little bit of weight, tuck in more. It really is one of those designs that you can adjust, based on your personal preferences. 

Tis the season for sparkle and glitter. The entire studio is now glittered. My hands, my jacket, my feet, but you know what? It just adds that little bit of glow to the season. You'll find more creative inspiration at the website, Flower School .com. If you have questions, you can reach us through there or pick up the telephone and give us a call at 503 223-8089. Now it's your turn. What are you doing for the new year's holiday? Be it home or out, make sure it includes flowers, and take a picture of it. Post it on social media, hashtag Floral Design Institute. That way we all can see your sparkle and fun, as you do something you love.

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