Flowers for Tea Time

Spring seems like the perfect time for a festive, feminine gathering featuring flowers and food, so let's break out our best dishes and have a tea party! In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne works with one of her favorite tea sets and creates a collection of petite designs with an assortment of Spring blooms including ranunculus, pansies and more from our friends at Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

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Today we're celebrating all things feminine. Let's have a tea party.

The flowers, everything from our friends at Started with the long-stemmed pansies. Yes, really pansies. They're so beautiful and surprisingly long-lasting. Then added in spray chrysanthemums, ranunculus, and a few more treasures that we'll pull from. The vessel, a tea set, taking each cup, using clear, waterproof tape and making a grid from one side to the other and repeat and repeat one last time. And I'm ready to add water to each cup and also the teapot for one larger piece.

As I design, I think of four individual little arrangements, but that they all coordinate. So taking a ranunculus, cutting it very short. It’s a great way to use broken flowers. Also, when they're shorter, they last longer. Tucking it down in, bringing in one of the pansies, maybe over the top, letting it tuck. You could always take and set a cup off, if you wanted to spread it out a little bit. So many choices, coming back, little dianthus, very ruffly tucking that in. Maybe a spray mum and I pulled little tiny pink spray roses. So sweet. Tucking them in and just repeat until your cups are overflowing with floral beauty.

For the teapot itself, starting with a small hyacinth, this will add fragrance, and I don't even care really if it shows. I'm more concerned about tucking it in low so it adds fragrance to the bouquet. Then come back with the pretty blooms, a little ranunculus, bit of the dianthus, coordinating with the things that you used in the teacups themselves. Spray mum and of course, the wonderful pansies.

The flowers, the recipe, everything from Started out with the fabulous pansies. Did five stems of those, then three stems of spray rose, six ranunculus, two stems of the spray pom, one of the little miniature dianthus. Then one stem of hyacinth tucked down low.

What fun to go through your cupboards and see what you might have. You may have a tea set, creating your own tea party. You'll find more creative inspiration on our website, If you have questions, you can reach us through there. But now it's your turn. Find the perfect vessel. Gather the perfect flowers, design, photograph, post it on social media and #FloralDesignInstitute. That way we all can see what you do as you do something you love.

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