Flowers for the Home

The goal was to create an elegant, foam-free vase arrangement perfect for the home. The flowers were a surprise package from And, what a wonderful surprise package. Lovely blue tweedia, fragrant stock, marvelous white ranunculus, sweet peas, dried and bleached ruscus, blue star fern and jasmine vine. You will love this finished design. Enjoy!

Video Transcription  

Welcome to the Flower School .com video library. Today, we're going to be looking at a vase, perfect for home. As we're all spending more time in our homes, it's vitally important to keep flowers on hand, both for yourself, your friends, and all your clients. In today's video, I'll show you a fun foam free vase perfect for the home. 

For the flowers, I turned to Wasn't sure what they would have, what would be available, but I knew it would be fabulous. So I asked them to pick things based on blue. So I got tweedia. Is that not fabulous? And then to move over into lavenders and blush. So then that's what I didn't know I would get. I opened the box and it was such a surprise. Look at these amazing ranunculus. So strong, so sturdy, soft stock, very fragrant, fabulous. And then a surprise to me, blue star. Isn't that gorgeous? The color is so grand and the form. And you can see so many more treasures that they sent, but let's start with this. 

The vase, one of my favorite, footed, to make it a little more value-oriented. Anytime you elevate something, it makes it more important. Filled with water, already mixed with flower food. Then for the mechanics, using a wire armature and placing it over the top, not inside, securing it. And it's a great way to be able to use flowers with shorter stems so you don't have to worry about them getting buried down inside. 

Working with an armature makes it so easy. Then you can just take your flowers, the tweedia, feed it in, angling it into the water. And the armature holds it in place. The blue star, just give it a cut, letting it go in draping over the side of the container. The stalk, cutting it down and balancing it. I'm going to make mine round, flowers all the way around, all sided. Because when I place things at home, oftentimes it might be on a table and people would be seeing it from all sides, or maybe it's on a coffee table. And again, they'd be seeing it from all sides. So, if you radiate from that central binding point, and then just let everything come in, equally spaced front to back, and then also up through the top. 

With the stock and the tweedia in place, I can go back with the beautiful ranunculus, giving them a cut and setting them in, adding a bit of emphasis to the design, repeating that. And again, radiating around all the way, turning it, looking at it from various angles to make sure that it's balanced and perfect. 

When I opened the box, it was so much fun to explore what they had sent. So I grabbed a few more treasures to add. You can see you can stop at any point. But, when you have more treasures, why would you? Some beautiful jasmine vine will help break the line of the container, cutting it apart a bit, and then placing it down in to trail. The armature holds it in place perfectly. Some sweet peas. Yes, look at these. Are they not exquisite? They can come in, adding a little bit of height to the design, drawing your eye upwards. And this coppery peach hue picks up the coppery peach of the armature, drawing your eyes upwards. And then just a small amount of the bleached preserved and then dyed ruscus. It will last and last and last, and it enhances, adds texture, and creates more interest in the design. 

This arrangement was so much fun to create, and so easy. I started with one bunch of tweedia and one bunch of stock. So that filled in the base. Then I added five stems of the ranunculus, five stems of the sweet peas, a bit of the bleached and dyed ruscus, three of the blue star fern, a bit of jasmine vine. And you can see it looks great all the way around. 

Thanks to the team for taking care of this order. I know it's a challenging time. How do we know what we can get? What's going to be available? But by working from a color palette and just having dreams, it worked out perfect. For more creative inspiration, check out our website, Flower School .com. If you have questions, you can reach us through there, or pick up the telephone and give us a call at (503) 223-8089. Now it's your turn. What are you going to create in a vase for your home or for a friend or for a client? Be sure to take a picture, post it on social media and tag Floral Design Institute. That way we all can see what you do as you do something you love.

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