Linear Style Design

Though all floral designs should incorporate the Elements and Principles of Design, no style makes them more obvious than a formal linear design -- it has Line in the name! In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne creates a dramatic linear design with just a few materials - including a trio of stunning anthuriums - highlighting rhythm, color, and texture galore. Enjoy!

Video Transcription

Formal linear and fabulous, just in time to help you if you're getting ready to test for the PFDE, here's a linear design you can use for inspiration.

For mechanics, wet floral foam tucked very low, so it won't peek out at all. Then when choosing materials, anything could work, but I find it easiest if you pick something exotic and fabulous. And then choosing other materials that maybe have linear qualities, interesting shapes, and fun colors.

First, placing the lines, thinking about my most dramatic bloom, the anthurium, placing them, watching their faces. Then enhancing, beautiful leptospermum, letting it outward and repeating. And some beautiful meyeri, again, changing the angles and accenting the space.

Additional foliage, tucked very low to help draw the eye into the emphasis area, maybe terracing with a little bit of interest. Then tucking in roses very low, creating basing and drawing your eye from front to back to create depth.

To finish, one more line, even taller, coming in with some Veronica and letting it come up above the Anthurium, and then pulling it on down to bring that color through from top to bottom, and then just a bit of lily grass tucked and added one more line to the design.

A final touch, just a couple of things to make sure that the mechanics are totally concealed. Hiding it from the sides and the back. The recipe, I started with three anthurium, then a bit of leptospermum, some lily grass, two Xanadu leaves, three of the meyeri fern, three of the pink roses, and then 10 of the Veronica.

Formal linear design takes a little bit of practice. Just be sure to focus on the elements and principles, the things you learned in basic floral design. You'll find more inspiration on the website, Flower School .com. But now, it's your turn, gather your favorite flowers and create in the linear style. Be sure to take a picture, post it on social media, and hashtag Floral Design Institute that way we all can see what you do, as you do something you love.

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