Luxurious Garden Roses

Foam-free, fabulous and LOADED with garden roses -- the old-fashioned "cabbage" style rose, "Juliet", and two varieties of gorgeous garden spray roses, "Sahara Sensation" and "Wedding Rosever". Oh so much fragrance and beauty in one arrangement! In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne creates this monofloral bouquet using three kinds of foliages and amazing garden roses from and Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

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Amazing garden roses and spray garden roses combine in a luxurious bouquet. Foam-free, fabulous, let's get started.

For this arrangement, I chose three of my favorite garden roses. Of course, Juliet, you can do no wrong. Then for the other two, I went to the spray roses, Sahara Sensation, that beautiful beige-y color that's so popular, and Wedding Rosever, with this soft pastel pink. The three together will blend fabulously. Then three roses, three foliage. Oregonia, umbrella fern, and Italian ruscus. With the Italian ruscus, I don't want it to be so long and spiky, so each of the stems I'm going to take and just wrap around on itself, looping to create a more compact placement that still gives me that beautiful look.

The vessel, filled with fresh water already mixed with flower food. The mechanics, it's going to be all based on foliage. So, taking it, placing it in, and building a nest so that that will support all the roses. You want a luxurious nest of foliage before you even begin any of your flowers. So, placing oregonia, placing the Italian ruscus, and placing a bit of the umbrella fern, getting it tucked down in, that will support all your flowers as you start designing.

The spray roses are so full and lush; I start with those because they're going to fill out a lot of area very quickly. Giving it a cut, placing it in. Sahara Sensation, Wedding Rosever. I feed through a central binding point because as you build that weave then will support each bloom, making it better, stronger, more stable as you go along. When you come into the center, since the weave is started, it'll hold it in place, and it won't shift around. I just angle from the sides and then build in towards the center. I can shift a bit if I decide I want a pink this direction and the beige this direction. They don't all have to be the exact same length. You can vary them a bit to create some interest. Then I'm working all the way around so it's full and lush and beautiful no matter where you look.

As you finish, you can go back and add a little more foliage, making sure you've got different varieties throughout. Looking at it, making sure it balances from side to side. Then last, tucking in the Juliet roses, letting them shine. They're the star of the show. You can group them, giving them greater value. But make sure that you group them on both sides so that they show off. Turn it, fill in, and then check for any holes. Make sure you have everything placed full and luxurious.

The recipe, all the roses came from Garden Roses Direct. The base foliage, I used the Italian ruscus. I used 10 stems. Then I used umbrella fern. I used seven stems. Then I used one stem of the oregonia, which I broke apart. The roses, yes, it's luxurious. Three bunches, a full bunch of Sahara Sensation, a full bunch of Wedding Rosever, and a full bunch of Juliet.

I know, you're gasping. You're thinking, oh my gosh, that's so expensive. It is an expensive design, but it's worth it. Fragrant, long-lasting. What would be better than three bunches of garden roses for that extra special person? I know I would love to get this. Wouldn't that be wonderful on your table?

You'll find more creative inspiration on our website, Flower School .com. Now, it's your turn. I dare you. I challenge you. Gather three bunches and create a luxurious bouquet. Now, be sure to take a picture because you know you want to remember that investment. Post it on social media, hashtag Floral Design Institute. That way, we all can see what you do as you do something you love.

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