Neon Bright Flower Arrangement

Bold and bright colors seem right at home this time of year, as we move from Winter to Spring. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne designs with a saturated polychromatic color palette and bold pink vase, showcasing a joyful mix of blooms such as ranunculus, delphiniums, ornithogalum, and acacia. Enjoy!

Video Transcription

'Tis the season for a polychromatic color harmony, an explosion of happiness and sunshine after the dark of winter. Let me show you how it's done.

The mechanics, a simple cube filled with floral netting and then taped in place using clear waterproof tape to make sure that it doesn't come out. The flowers, so many different colors, thinking polychromatic, with orange, purple, pink, blue, everything we love.

Rather than starting with a foliage nest, I'm going to jump straight to flowers. The miniature green hydrangea, a beautiful bloom that can visually anchor right down into the design, giving you a nice base to begin. Acacia, so fragrant and vibrant. Give it a shake to let the loose blooms come off, and then placing it in, and then repeat until your base is covered.

Green, yellow, working in triangles. Going ahead and adding in, maybe the hot pink of the ranunculus, letting it drape. The vibrant orange of the Ornithogalum. And then the vivid blue, the purpley blue of delphinium, just giving it a cut, removing any lower leaves, and then tucking it in and then repeating again, triangle, triangle, triangle, until it's beautiful.

To finish, just a little touch of pussy willow to add a little bit of the season, Spring in a vase, coming up through the center. Adding that height. Immediately makes you smile and enjoy the neon colors.

The recipe. I started with three of the miniature green hydrangea, and then two stems of acacia that I broke apart. Three of the ranunculus, three of the delphinium, and then 10 of the Ornithogalum. They're a little smaller, so it took more. Then five stems of the pussy willow to finish it off.

In the Pacific Northwest, the winters are gray, the color of pussy willow, and then as the seasons change, the vibrancy comes. You'll find more vibrancy on the website. We embrace color here at Floral Design Institute. Review, see what you like, gather the most vibrant flowers you can find. Create a design, then post it on social media and #FloralDesignInstitute. That way we all can see what you do as you do something you love.

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