Party Centerpiece

The colorful blossoms and blooming plants of springtime make for a natural party centerpiece. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne combines flowers and foliages into five small hand-tied bouquets, each with an aspidistra collar. She then gathers all of the bouquets into a single vessel to create a party centerpiece. Best of all, after the party is over the small bouquets can be given a party gifts. Enjoy!

Video Transcription 

Springtime just shouts for bright colors and festivity, something to chase away the winter blues. In this video, we'll look at my favorites: daffodils, tulips, in a party centerpiece. 

I started with a ceramic vessel, it's filled with fresh water and flower food. Then for something this big, the daffodils and tulips weren't quite enough. So I expanded. Found this gorgeous orange rose, Capriccio. I love the name, love the color. Then some yellow button poms to add a little bit of texture and substance. And then a gorgeous foliage pulling into the reds. It's called leucothoe foliage and it looks perfect with these colors. Adds that intensity. 

And then lastly, some aspidistra leaves. But the aspidistra leaves are too long. They'll just kind of overpower. So for each of those, I'm just looping them, stapling them in place, repeating that over and over. But I have a cluster of leaves ready for designing. Creating the bouquet is easy. Just start by gathering some blooms in your hand, remove the lower foliage. So I have two of the Capriccio roses, one of the yellow button. And then taking a stem of the leucothoe, tucking it into my hand. Adding a tulip and another. Remembering that tulips will continue to grow. So maybe tucking them a little bit lower so that they can grow outward. 

Then a daffodil. They're not going to grow. So leaving it a little bit longer. Then a second one color. Then to collar, just taking individual aspidistra curls, bringing them around, making a tiny little bouquet that's the start of this centerpiece. To secure it, a bit of bind wire, just cutting it off. And then wrapping, making it nice and secure. 

Then thinking about the length that I need for this vessel, giving it all a cut and placing it in. And then repeat making additional bouquets until you fill the vase. The fun of this type of a design is that each bouquet can be a little bit different, as long as they have the same components. So everything had some of the Capriccio roses, some of the daffodils, some of the tulip, some of the leucothoe and the button pom. 

But some had three roses, some had one rose. It really doesn't matter. And you just tie them all off and then cluster them in. Dropping them in place until it's perfectly full. To create this party centerpiece, I made five bouquets and to do those five, I worked in tens. So I have 10 of the Capriccio rose, 10 of the yellow button poms, 10 daffodil, 10 tulip, 10 of them leucothoe foliage. 

Then to wrap them with the aspidistra leaves, I have 25 aspidistra leaves. Now, it's perfect, because at the end of the party, you can take each bouquet, and give it to a guest to take home and remember just how fabulous the event was. It can seem odd to talk about a party as we're all still thinking about being isolated, and separated, and safe. But the time will come where we can gather. And even today, small intimate gatherings with your bubble are important, and flowers are always important. 

You'll find more creative inspiration on our website at If you have questions, you can reach us through there or pick up the telephone and give us a call at (503) 223-8089. Now I invite you to celebrate the season, gather flowers, plan a party, even if it's just with yourself. But make it special, fill it with flowers, and then take a picture of your arrangement. Even if you can't have a big party, you can make a centerpiece. You can make flowers, photo it, post it on social media. Hashtag floral design Institute that way we can see your celebration, even from afar. Now it's your turn. Get out there and do something you love.

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