Pretty in Pink

Spring has arrived and Springtime abounds with pink blossoms. In this video how-to demonstration Leanne celebrates spring with a creative vase arrangement of pink flowers. Garden roses, hyacinth, ranunculus, and jasmine vine, all in various hues of pink. You will love this fabulous “Pretty in Pink” design. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Flower School .com video library. I'm Leanne Kesler, Director of the Floral Design Institute, and today, I'm thinking pretty in pink, to create a beautiful spring flower arrangement. 

I've already filled my vase with fresh water mixed with flower food. Then I have so many things to choose from. The market is full with fabulous spring flowers. Started with some garden roses, Princess Sakura, mini carnations, fragrant hyacinth, glorious ranunculus, jasmine vine, and then I'll accent, cool things, Berzilia, kangaroo paw, and a new variety of monstera. Too many fabulous things. You're going to love this. 

I'm going to start with my jasmine vine. Just pulling it out, removing the lower portions, giving it a cut, and placing it down clear to the bottom. Coming back with another, weaving the stems, crossing through a central binding point, placing it down in. Once I have it all in place, I can actually go back, take the longer ones, and wind them around, bringing it up, crossing, and wrapping it, so that the whole vessel becomes filled and fabulous with jasmine vine. Then a few leaves. The monstera, common name Swiss cheese vine. Isn't that great? Just tucking it down in, getting a nice base to the design, terracing, and bringing it back out the opposite side. 

Once you have the base, it's easy. Using your larger flowers first, place them in following the same weave. The Berzilia is so woody, sometimes it's easiest just to break it, placing it down in. Remembering to come from both sides, coming in with the rose, and then fill with all your favorite flowers, until you feel like it's balanced front to back and right to left. 

The final touch, the ranunculus, a combination of green and pink, oh so grand. Tucking those in, finding the perfect little spot. A few delicate mini carnations, and then the kangaroo paw, because it adds such a nice texture and contrasting form. Makes the arrangement so interesting, and with it being a little smaller and lighter, can fill in and give movement, pulling the eye upward. 

Pretty in pink, the perfect spring flower arrangement. Now, for those of you that ask, the recipe. Five hyacinth, four Princess Sakura garden roses, three ranunculus, four Berzilia, three kangaroo paw, five monstera leaves, the Swiss cheese vine, and then 1/3 bunch of jasmine vine. You can see, it looks fabulous no matter which side I show you. It's truly one of my favorite designs. So now it's your turn. What are you going to create with wonderful spring flowers? If you have questions, you can reach me through the website or pick up the phone at 503-223-8089. And of course, as I always say, I want to see what you create. Take a photo, post it on social media, and tag Floral Design Institute. That way, we all can see what you create as you have fun and do something you love.

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