Romantic Wedding Centerpiece

Exquisite Lilies in the “Living Coral” hue were Leanne’s inspiration for this grand wedding centerpiece. Combining “Shimmer” roses, yellow butterfly ranunculus, Gerbera dashes, bold green hydrangea and kale, Leanne creates a dramatic design. The flowers are all for You will love Leanne’s demonstration of the Pantone Color of the Year. Enjoy!

Welcome to the Flower School .com video library. I'm Leanne Kessler, Director of the Floral Design Institute. Today, I'm here to share with you a fabulous centerpiece. The inspiration? These amazing lilies. Living coral is such a flower friendly color and the lilies are a perfect, perfect example. 

If you've seen our videos before, you may remember these lilies. Yes, I used them in a bridal bouquet with a soft pastel palette. Now, in a centerpiece with a bolder palette, these flower too are from, and it was so easy. Go online, search by color, search by flower, but I was looking for bolder, so I started with the lilies. I knew I wanted those and then I found these gorgeous roses. They're called shimmer. The color is enhanced so well. Then look to the center, the yellow went bolder. Look at these butterfly ranunculus. Aren't those amazing? The bold green hydrangea, a bit of kale, and these fabulous gerberas in the coral color. They too, are perfect with the lilies. 

The container? This beautiful birch bark rectangle. It's waterproof, filled it with floral foam soaked with flower food. I didn't want to mar the edges with tape, so instead I used anchor pins, four of them, across the bottom to secure this in. Then we don't have to worry about tape showing anywhere. Then I can begin my flowering starting with the base materials first. They hydrangea, the kale. This has been hydrated using quick dip, so it's nice and sturdy. It's not going to be an issue at all. Just giving it a cut and placing it directly in the foam, making sure it's in deeply, because hydrangea are very, very thirsty by putting them in clear into the foam, you're sure there's going to be a water source to keep them alive. Also adding in the kale, I'm thinking about the larger blooms first, making sure that I've got plenty of room for them. Then the other flowers, the softer things can easily go over the top. 

If you are doing a green and white wedding, wouldn't this be grand? Just fill it in with a little bit of foliage, it'd be great. Now, you can see I've done the front and the back, because it is all sided, but I wanted to focus on the coral. Going back now, adding in the roses. The shimmer rose is so gorgeous. Again, tucking it in low, so it will get into the water. Grouping them, so you get value. Bringing some out to the side, some through the center, then making sure you fill both the front and the back. Then the gerberas, these two have been hydrated with quick dip and flower food, so their necks are firm and straight. Easy. If you need care and handling tips, check out the website Flower School .com, just type in "gerbera care" in the search instructions and you'll find it. Filling in. Again, grouping some a little lower creating terracing. Then continuing with more roses and more gerberas. 

I save the best for last. The lilies are so grand, by placing them last I can ensure they show well and that I don't damage any of their petals. Just breaking them down, giving it a cut, and then sliding it into the design, adding that bit of drama, not forgetting the buds. The buds are beautiful too. Go ahead and use those, placing them in. Then the butterfly ranunculus, just pulling them out; so graceful. Then breaking them apart using both the buds and the blooms, letting them come out just a little bit taller over the top for a very graceful touch. 

The lily, that was the start of the bouquet. Then I had so much fun shopping on the website gathering other materials. Then I found the butterfly ranunculus, and that's really the star of this bouquet in my opinion. Love them. They're so delicate. They make me think of the little buttercups that I'd see out in the fields in my childhood. They add such a delicate touch to the design. 

Now, you'll find yours at Then you'll find more creative inspiration at Flower School .com. If you have questions you can reach us there or pick up the telephone at 503-223-8089. We are here to help, but now it's your turn. Gather your flowers, create a beautiful bouquet, then take a picture, post it on social media, and tag Flower Design Institute. That way we all can see your creativity as you do something you love.

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