Simple Mother's Day Arrangements

Mother’s Day is such a grand holiday for floral designers. We love the happy customers and the beautiful spring flowers. The key to to a calm, efficient and profitable holiday is simple design mechanics and production styled design. In this video how-to Leanne demonstrates the techniques as she creates beautiful arrangements using flowers from Enjoy!

Video Transcription 

Welcome to the Flower School .com library. I'm Leanne Kesler, Director of the Floral Design Institute, and today, I'm here to share with you simple Mother's Day arrangements, things you can make efficiently and beautifully for the holiday. 

As I was getting ready, I went to the website and started gathering my materials. I looked for fun, spring, fabulous, perfect for Mother's Day. Found so many favorite things. Ranunculus, look how big and full. Anemone, just gorgeous. Some tulips, and then look at the scabiosa, oh, so grand. Then I wanted just a little bit of green. Not a lot. Wanted to focus on the flowers, so I have some bupleurum and a little bit of Italian ruscus. 

With the busyness of the Mother's Day holiday, you need to work efficiently, work in multiples, creating three designs at the same time, working ahead. This design is so grand using the Oasis armature, just pulling it apart, and then forcing it down into the cube. Pull apart. You can reach your hand in, setting it. Then squishing it back and letting it drape over the container, giving you an inside-outside look, adding depth to the overall design. Just keep adjusting until it's perfect. Repeat on the third, then go back and add water to each. 

If you are a wise florist, you can do this, weeks in advance, have it prepared. Then when it gets close, come back, doing the foliage. A single piece of Italian ruscus tied around on itself. It's so pliable, you can just tie it in a knot. Give it a cut. Place it down into your armature. If it's a little long, you can give it a haircut. Repeat that. Then as you add your flowers, start with the larger stems first. The tulips are a little bit wider, so giving them a cut, setting them in, and then remember to work radiating from a central binding point so it's nice and full all the way around. Some down low, draping over, some a little higher. Working on multiples like this, you can work efficiently and fast and profitably. 

With the tulips in place, then I can go to the rest of my flowers, just thinking about radiating from a central binding point, removing the foliage, placing it in. Gorgeous ranunculus. The colors work so well, and the soft variation from light peach to a more coral add interest to the design. Working my way through all three. If you cut it too long, maybe it just needs to move a little bit. If you cut it too short, maybe it goes into a different arrangement. You just adjust. That's one of the beauties of working in multiples. Coming back with the anemone, giving it a cut. I'm going to place this one right down low so that its face looks up at you. So gorgeous. Love these. Setting it in. Some have beautiful curvature. Work with the curvature. Let it come out of the design, filling in the perfect hole. Then repeat until you have everything in place. 

As you finish, you want to look at the arrangements from all sides. Make sure they're balanced, make sure there's no holes, filling it in, then coming back with the scabiosa. The beauty with this is it actually has a straw on the side, helping it to stay strong and upright, so you can just cut, set it down in. It gives it that little extra stability, and that darker hue adds so much to the arrangements, brightens. Again, just radiating. Then to set it all off, a tiny bit of bupleurum. Doesn't take very much, just a stem or two. Let it drape outward, adding softness. You can weave it in and around your flower. It adds a touch of softness. That light green sets everything off and makes it look beautiful for Mother's Day. 

Designing in a cube with an armature is quick, efficient, fabulous, and it's easy to deliver. Now, the recipe. Each of them is the same, even though they're slightly different. They all have flowers from You can go online, look at their website. I used five tulip, five scabiosa, seven ranunculus, three anemone, one Italian ruscus, and one bupleurum, repeated it three times. Now, the beauty of is when you order there by the case, you still have a lot more. You can do bigger arrangements. More cubes makes it easy to prepare for Mother's Day. 

For many florists, Mother's Day is their very biggest holiday of the year, but with planning, preparation, and efficient designs, it can absolutely be a fun and profitable holiday. Now, I've shown you how to work efficiently, you've seen how to make pretty, if you've got questions, reach out. You can reach us at the website, Flower School .com, or call me, 503-223-0809. We're here to help, because now, it's your turn. What are you going to create? Make sure to take a picture, post it on social media, and tag Florida Design Institute so we all can see your creativity as you have fun and do something you love.

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