Spring Flower Arrangement

The arrival of Spring gives us so many options for fabulous flowers. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne creates a long lasting, foam-free design with all Leanne's favorite flowers -- garden roses, clematis, sweetpeas, ranunculus, and of course - tulips! All the flowers and foliages come from Florabundance.com so you know they're beautiful. Enjoy!

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Video Transcription

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Foam-free, fabulous, a breath of springtime with all my favorite flowers. At Floral Design Institute, we embrace the seasons, and what's better than the arrival of spring?

The mechanics, foam-free. The vessel, just filled with fresh water, mixed with flower food. No foam, no netting, no armature, just water and food. To secure everything, I'm going to use the foliage. All the materials from Florabundance.com. Some hellebores, such a beautiful one, full and lush. And eyelash clematis, so dramatic. Always a surprising item. But placing those in first so that they cross over, start building a grid, which then will support all your flowers as you go on with your design.

The base is set, and I like it just as it is. The eyelash clematis, so fabulous, but so many beautiful things. Sweet peas, paper whites, ranunculus, tulips, some lovely carnations, and then just a couple Princess Maya roses. The roses are large, heavy, bigger than everything else, so tucking them in first and a little bit lower so that they'll draw your eye into the arrangement, creating a triangle, so it balances out from side to side. Then coming back, letting the sweet peas trail outward. Tangled together, there we go. Letting them come through. Little bit longer, more delicate. Maybe a tad bit shorter.

The tulip, remembering that they're going to grow, so placing them so that they have room to extend within the arrangement so that they don't grow out of the arrangement, but just growth within it. Maybe grouping a couple. The paper whites for the fragrance makes it smell like springtime, and the ranunculus, so luxurious. Tucking them in and then repeat, radiating from the central binding point until you run out of flowers.

You can see I've added a few more things. I'm going ahead now. I'm just tucking in the last blooms, and as I work, turning it, looking to see where there might be gaps, where maybe I want to add maybe some more paper whites, get some more fragrance coming up through the center. Maybe more sweet peas. Getting extension on all sides and turning. Tulips. Letting them drape. As soon as they grow, they'll keep going outward. Then lastly, just to add a little bit more color, a few blush carnations, tucking them down low so that again, they pull the eye into the arrangement and allow everything else to show off just a little bit more because this draws your eye in.

The recipe. Everything from Florabundance.com, three princess Maya Roses, three of the beautiful ranunculus, five of the beautiful soft blush carnations, then half a bunch of tulips, half a bunch of paper whites, a full bunch of sweet pea, a full bunch of the clematis. When you look at it, you can see how beautiful the base, a full bunch of hellebore, and it holds everything in place, ready for delivery.

It's easy to make something beautiful when you have gorgeous flowers, but of course, you also have to know what you're doing, the care and handling the mechanics, and that's what you'll find at Flower school .com. You'll also find the video library with more creative inspiration. Now it's your turn. Create away, show us what you can do. Be sure to take a picture, post it on social media, and hashtag Floral Design Institute. That way I can see, and we all can see what you do as you do something you love.

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