The Business of Flowers

Making beautiful bouquets, wearables and arrangements is only half the job. The business side of things - creating recipes, preparing estimates, ordering product - that's the business side of things. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne shares a cutting-edge software called Lobiloo, designed to help with that. Created BY florists, FOR florists, it's a huge help to your bottom line -- check them out at

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Video Transcription

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Today, yes, we're making a wedding bouquet, but I want to share with you, Lobiloo. It's a cutting-edge software made by florists for florists.

When you work with Lobiloo, it takes away the guesswork. It helps you make informed decisions, and it helps you communicate to your coworkers. So, when the day comes and it's time to create that wedding bouquet, you can print the recipe, hand it to someone, and say, "Will you pull this and get it ready?" And they can go to your cooler, gather the items that are planned, making sure they have the correct count. So again, you're insured. You always have everything you need right at hand. It reduces the waste because you can plan ahead and then know that you're going to be using three spray mums. Have them out. Five Veronica, have them out, and be ready to design.

Everything's laid out. Everything is ready. You can begin your bouquet knowing that you don't have to think. Your life is easier because now you can just focus on your floral art. You don't have to consider, "How many stems did I charge correctly? Did I remember to buy everything?" It's all right in front of you because you reciped it out. You planned. You organized, which allows you to make beautiful floral art.

It's such a wonderful thing to find a tool that allows you to increase your efficiency, and at the same time, it boosts your bottom line. That's cool. And allows you to communicate with others so that you can hire assistants. I know finding help is one of the biggest challenges that we have in our industry, and part of the problem is being able to communicate with each other with exact recipes, exact pricing, knowing what needs to be done. With this, again, it's all handled ahead of time. And you've got it planned, so that when the day comes, you're just adding in beautiful flowers and creating gorgeous bouquets.

The recipe, all planned out ahead of time. I used five Veronica, three spray mums, five Astrantia, three nigella, five eryngium, and then I added in the seeded eucalyptus, and I worked on a base of dusty miller.

Lobiloo allows you to create professional proposals, set yourself apart from your peers, and do it profitably. You'll find more creative inspiration on our website, Flower School .com. If you have questions, you can reach us through there, but now it's your turn. Check out the software. It's going to become your best friend, Lobiloo. Find out how it works for you, and be sure, and let me know because we all want to know what works best as you do something you love.

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