White Rose and Babies Breath Arrangement

Of all the classic design forms, the vertical has such power, but it can be soft and elegant, too. In this Flower School How-To Video Leanne takes the basic vertical design up a notch, working with texturally interesting materials and a feminine vibe. Garden roses, hydrangea, veronica, Phalaenopsis orchids, and baby's breath (YES!) combine to create a stunning design duo. Enjoy!

Video Transcription 

At Floral Design Institute, in basic floral design, we teach the vertical. But there's so much more. Once you have a strong vertical, create a pair. Add a bridge, I'll show you how. The materials, a ceramic vessel with midnight foam. I cut it down so that it was tucked way low, pre-soaked it with fresh water and flower food. The materials then for flowers, hydrangea, Veronica, and a variety of different roses, several colors to choose from, to add a little bit of contrast in whites. 

The hydrangea tucked very low, so it's close to the water source. Removing the leaves, because they want to focus on the white. Then giving it a cut, dipping it in aloe, so it drinks well, and then centering it, and placing it down all the way to the base. This becomes a nice base to cover my mechanics. 

Then coming back, with the Veronica, looking at the different stems. Some curl in, some are a little straighter. Pulling them out. Starting with a nice straight one, coming up through the center, nice and tall, and then coming back with the curvature and letting them curve inward. Drawing attention, going through the hydrangea, but keeping everything vertical, so it draws the eye upward. Repeating, and continue till you have all the lines that you desire. Tucking in a carnation, or two, or three, however many it takes, to help conceal mechanics, also brightens that vase, fills in with the hydrangea. Tucking them down low and pulling through towards the center. Then coming back with roses, the white, white of Polo, absolute exquisite, opens out beautifully. It can be a little taller. Then the creamy white of Vendela, balances it, getting that little softer ivory hue. Repeating with each of those, and then coming back with a delicate spray rose, and it becomes a little taller, up above. Then repeat with each of them, until it's full and lush. 

As a final touch, adding just a few of the White Cloud garden rose, they're oh so fragrant. So, letting them come out, over the top, so it enhances and adds fragrance, makes the whole thing so special. For a light touch, just a tiny bit of baby's breath, clouded over to soften, and add texture. 

The vertical arrangement makes a statement, but duplicate it, make a pair and it's an even stronger statement. Then, so much static movement, add a little excitement with some dynamic line. Adding some horizontal, coming in from the side, just to add a touch of flare, and then out the opposite side. Then for a final bit of excitement, a single Phalaenopsis orchid. Cut, place it in to one, and let it drape and bridge to the other. 

The recipe, I started with that one stem of hydrangea, and then eight of the Veronica. I used 10 roses, some Polo, some Vendela, and some White Cloud garden rose. Five carnations, three of the white spray rose, and then one Italian ruscus, and one baby's breath. Now you would repeat that for the second, and to create the bridge, one Phalaenopsis orchid. 

I know the rules, never use two, but a pair can be such a delight. You'll find more creative inspiration at flowerschool.com. If you have questions, you can reach us through there. Now it's your turn. What flowers are you going to choose to create a pair and bridge together? So, many fun, creative things for you to do. Be sure to take a picture, post it on social media, and hashtag Floral Design Institute. That way we all can see what you do, as you do something you love.

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