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"I could not believe how well your program prepared me for this seminar. The master designers were wonderful and I learned so much, but without your basic training, the seminar would have been an experience in frustration and I would have learned very little".

A Bespoke style centerpiece features red roses, purple hydrangeas, pink and white striped carnations, chocolate calla lilies, blossoming spring branches, and an assortment of foliage in a gold compote.

This is why the Floral Design Institute Basic Floral Design Online Program is acclaimed as the most complete and comprehensive online floral design training program in the world. Our program will provide all of the training necessary for a professional floral design career position, or to allow you to launch your own floral business. The program is an approved pathway for the achievement of your Certified Floral Designer status.

A Bespoke garden styled wedding bouquet features blush and cream roses, hot pink peonies, garnet orchids pink protea, burgundy dahlias, and an assortment of foliage.

Floral Design Institute is a licensed by the department of education, recognized as an AIFD Educational Partner, and an approved educational pathway to AIFD certification and accreditation. All of our instructors are Certified Floral Designers and five have been awarded Accreditation by the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD). 

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A gorgeous floral casket scarf mixes peach roses and spray roses, pale green hydrangea, lily grass, and Italian ruscus, then is finished with brown satin ribbons.

The training is broken down into 31 separate Instruction Segments. Each segment may include a combination of reading, videos, quizzes, design submissions and essay submissions. This is a hands-on program and you will be completing assigned floral designs which you will photograph and submit to your instructors for evaluation, critique, and suggestions for improvement. The instructors may also suggest additional training exercises to help you improve you skills.

A petite line corsage mixes two kinds of roses with wax flower, seeded eucalyptus, and Italian ruscus, then is finished with pale pink sheer ribbon.

As you progress through your lessons, you will learn new skills and develop the proficiency necessary to apply these skills. You will be amazed at how quickly you will master the skills of floral design. Our proven teaching methods will have you ready to step into a job upon completion of the program. You will learn and understand the elements, principles, forms, styles and techniques of floral design. You will learn how to make all of the most popular basic floral arrangements, and how to price these arrangements. You will learn how to design wedding flowers, party flowers, sympathy flowers, holiday designs, and flowers for special occasions. You will learn all about the most common flower varieties, the latest techniques for the care and handling of flowers, where and how to buy wholesale flowers, and so, so much more.

This lovely monochromatic hand tied bouquet mixes bright yellow roses, sunny Gerbera daisies, and pincushion protea with lily grass, plumosa, and other foliages.

After you have successfully passed your final exams we will immediately send you your Floral Design Institute Graduation Certificate of Achievement. You will now possess not only a Graduation Certificate from one of the most respected Floral Design Schools in the world, you will also own a complete photographic portfolio of your own floral design work plus, the knowledge, the training, the skills, and the practical experience that will allow you start a career as a floral designer. 

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This beautiful floral design mixes orange lilies, craspedia, red blooms, eryngium, salal, Italian ruscus, and features a petite bird's nest with tiny eggs.

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For Samara – Hello Samara and thank you for reaching out to us about our on-line program! The first course is Basic Floral Design and you can begin the program at any time you are ready to do so. The course is self-paced so you can work on it whenever you have the time to do so, and it is fully teacher supported so if you need assistance along the way, our teachers are here to help you. If you would like more information about the course, you can find it here: If you would like to chat with one of our teachers about your floral journey, please do reach out to our office at 1-503-223-8089 or e-mail We love helping you get started with your floral education, and we’re here to assist you. Sending you best wishes and please have a splendid week!


When does the online basic floral design course begin? And is there a deadline to complete the entire course?


Hi Debbie, It is a wonderful program. Do call and we can chat. We are available 8:00-5:00 PT, Monday through Friday. If you already have your basic skills and design theory, you may want to go directly to the Advanced Floral Design program. This would allow you to validate your existing knowledge and expand your skill set. Once you complete the Advanced course, you would have the Advanced Certificate. If you desire to be an FDI. Certified Floral Designer and complete the online testing with the American Institute of Floral Designers, you could test out of the Basic course. Completing both will give you the Title FDI Certified Floral Designer and give you the opportunity to complete the online test to get your CFD certification . This would give you dual, international certification CFD FDI. We look forward to hearing from you. 503-223-8089.

Debbie Innes

It sounds good. I have alot of skills and experience but I’d like the certificate. Just weighing pro and cons to see if it makes sense for me to do this. What will I learn? I’ll try calling in the next day or so.


For Michele M Matthews Hello Michele! Thank you for reaching out to us about Basic Floral Design. A lovely aspect of the on-line program is that you can begin at any time and work on your projects at your own pace. If you would like more information about the course, you can find it here: If you would like to speak with one of us about your floral journey, feel free to reach out to our office at 1-503-223-8089 or e-mail We would love to help you with your floral education so you can do something you love and come to Flower School. Wishing you all the best and please have a marvelous week!

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