Spring Design Symposium

We are so excited! Floral Design Institute has one of the finest (if not the finest) faculty of experienced, certified and accredited floral design instructors. In one full day all six FDI Instructors will be demonstrating and discussing their favorite design styles, flowers and design techniques. So, what will each instructor be presenting?????

This lovely group photo of seven Floral Design Institute Instructors is taken outdoors under spring trees.

We may not know what each instructor is presenting. But, we do know that they are all busy sketching and practicing magnificent one-of-a-kind floral designs as well as stage presentations designed to dazzle the audience.

FDI Instructors Carolyn Catron and Jeri Barr finish the details on their floral Chinese wedding gown for the Ninth Moon Celebration at Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

Lead Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD FDI is famous for her fresh flower jewelry and her mastery of jewelry techniques, Will she create floral jewelry or something large, grand and better suited for the Symposium Stage? And then, Michelle is an expert in creating flowers worn by horses in parades. Is there room for a horse in the Creative Center?

This beautiful floral pendant necklace designed by FDI Instructor, Michelle Headrick, features a miniature Phalaenopsis orchid and silver brunia on a gold base with Israeli ruscus as a backing.

Having studied for many years with design legends Phil Rulloda AIFD and Cathy Rulloda AIFD Marisa Perring AIFD FDI is a genius of the formal linear design style. I am guessing that we will see something to match her personality, tropical, exotic and larger-than-life.

FDI Instructor Marisa Perring creates a large easel spray with white anthuriums and ivory orchids backed by a variety of foliage.

The all-time most popular slide show on our website is Tall Wedding Centerpiece. This masterpiece was created by Jeri Barr FDI. This was also one of the most controversial slide shows due to nudity in the background (you have to look very hard to find it) Do you think we can expect another masterpiece from Jeri? You will have to attend to find out.

This tall wedding centerpiece, created by FDI Instructor, Jeri Barr, features pale pink roses, white hydrangeas, and spray roses, Israeli ruscus, and plumosa on top of a large crystal vase.

Carolyn Soumokil FDI partnered with Jeri Barr FDI to create the winning entry in the 2108 Ninth Moon Floral Design Showcase. The entry was a traditional Chinese dress made entirely of fresh flowers and foliages. It was truly spectacular. Can we expect something as grand in our Spring Symposium?

This award winning floral Chinese wedding gown trimmed in red roses and mums was created by FDI Instructor Carolyn Catron for the Ninth Moon Celebration at Lan Su Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon.

And what might we expect from Anna Bowman FDI? Will she draw on her native Hawaiian heritage and create a dazzling tropical design. Or, will she celebrate her Pacific Northwest home with a beautiful bespoke forest styled design?

A gorgeous tropical style floral design, created by FDI Instructor Anna Bowman, features ivory anthuriums, purple orchids, rolled aspidistra leaves, and lily grass.

Michelle "Chelle" Dummer AIFD FDI loves to create bridal bouquets. Garden Style, Exotic, Formal Linear and Ultra-Contemporary. A few years ago she had the opportunity to work with the Belgian Design Master, Franky Bollingh and she has never been the same since. I wonder what we might expect?

This gorgeous wedding bouquet, created by FDI Instructor Michelle "Chelle" Dummer, mixes cherry garden roses, pink spray roses, eryngium, red and purple tulips, silver dollar eucalyptus, and is finished with purple sheer and lavender satin ribbons.

The Spring Design Symposium is going to be an amazing event, a fabulous full day of creativity, floral design and learning. This is your chance to see your favorite instructors demonstrate and share their love of flowers. 

The Spring Design Symposium will be held at our Creative Center, 1138 NW 17th Ave. in Portland, OR 97209. The early bird registration is jut $195.00, lunch will be provided. Seating is limited, Sign Up Today!

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