Kangaroo Paw - Anigozanthos

A detail image showing Anigozanthos also known as Kangaroo Paw.

Common Names: Kangaroo Paw, Anigozanthos

Botanical names: Anigozanthos (a-nee-go-ZAN-thus)

Availability: Year round

Vase life: 8 to 16 days

Storage temperatures: 36 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit

Ethylene Sensitive: No

Description: Unusual fuzzy, tubular and slightly curved flowers (shaped like little kangaroo paws) borne in one-sided elongated clusters. Blossoms are felted with a fur-like covering.

Color: red, purple, green, and yellow

Botanical facts: From the Greek words anoigo (to open) and anthos (flower), referring to flowers that are widely open.

Design notes: The long stem of the Anigozanthos makes for a wonderful contemporary line flower.

Purchasing hints: Purchase stems with some flowers open. Avoid flaccid flowers and brown petal tips.

Conditioning: Remove all foliage that will be below the water line. Cut stem ends with a sharp knife. Hydrate in a solution of water and commercial floral food for two hours before storage or usage

Additional notes: The wonderful textures of the Anigozanthus combine easily with other exotic flowers.

Video Demonstration:

Summer Sunset Centerpiece