Cattleya Orchid

Common Names: Cattleya Orchid, Japhette Orchid, Corsage Orchid

Botanical names: Cattleya, (KAT-lee-ah)

Availability: Year round

Vase life: 5 to 10 days with water supply. 1 day as a corsage without water.

Storage temperatures: 45 - 50 degrees Fahrenheit

Ethylene Sensitive: Yes

Description: A very exotic shape with showy sepals and petals.

Color: White, lavender, yellow, pink

Botanical facts: This blossom was named after William Cattley, a horticulturist of the early 18th century.

Design notes: Cattleya orchids are generally used for wedding and corsage work. They can be used in arrangements if the water tubes are inserted into extenders.

Purchasing hints: Purchase when half of the buds are open and half still closed.

Conditioning: Cattleya Orchids are usually sold with the cut end inserted into a tube of water. Refill the tube with fresh water then recut the stem, removing only a small portion and re-insert the blossom into the water tube.

Additional notes: The Japhette orchid is smaller (about 1/2 of the size) than the standard Cattleya orchid.