Pincushion Protea

Common Names: Pincushion Protea, Leucospermum

Botanical names: Leucospermum, (loo-coh-SPER-mum)

Availability: Year round; some species limited by season

Vase life: 14 to 21 days

Storage temperatures: 36 - 38 degrees Fahrenheit

Ethylene Sensitive: Some varieties are sensitive.

Description: Distinctive dome shaped flower heads which look like a pincushion filled with pins.

Color: Orange, reddish orange, yellow

Botanical facts: Leucospermum is a member of the Proteaceae family which includes over 100 species of trees and shrubs, most of which are native to the cape region of South Africa.

Design notes: Wonderful, unusual and exotic blossoms add texture to floral designs.

Purchasing hints: Avoid blossoms which have leaves that are turning black.

Conditioning: Remove all foliage that will be below the waterline. Cut or break stem ends. Hydrate in a solution of water and commercial floral food for two hours before storage or usage.

Additional notes: Leaves usually turn black due to low light, lack of carbohydrate and warm temperatures. To reduce leaf blackening, replace water and commercial floral preservative / floral food every two days.