Poppy - Oriental

Common Names: Oriental Poppy, Poppy

Botanical names: Papaver orientale, Pa-PAH-ver or-ee-en-TAH-lee

Availability: Spring and Summer

Vase life: 5-7 days.

Storage temperatures: 36 - 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ethylene Sensitive: Yes

Description: The blossom of the Oriental Poppy is quite large, measuring 4 to 6 inches in diameter when fully open. The petals are papery-thin and translucent, giving them an almost ethereal appearance. They are often crinkled or wrinkled along the edges, adding texture to the flower. At the heart of the blossom is a prominent dark-colored center, often deep purple or black.

Color: Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

Botanical facts: Oriental Poppy is native to regions of the Caucasus, northeastern Turkey, and northern Iran. It has been cultivated and naturalized in various other regions around the world.

Design notes: Oriental Poppy blooms make stunning cut flowers for floral arrangements. Their large, colorful petals and contrasting centers add drama and elegance to bouquets and centerpieces.

Purchasing hints: Select stems with just a few buds opening and many unopened buds. Stems should be sturdy, undamaged, and upright.

Conditioning: Remove all foliage that will be below the water line. Cut stem ends with a sharp knife. Hydrate in a solution of water and commercial floral food for two hours before storage or usage. Icelandic Poppies are geotropic, store with stems upright.

Additional notes: Poppies, including Oriental Poppies, are often associated with remembrance and commemoration, particularly in Western cultures, due to their use as a symbol of fallen soldiers in conflicts such as World War I.