Advanced Floral Design Certification

How it all works – We make professional floristry courses fun and easy!  Each day, everything you need will be in the Learning Center. You need to arrive ready to learn. We take care of everything else. The fee for this hands-on classroom program is $1,750.00.

The next class in the classroom starts on October 7, 2024.  Click here to sign up now.

The Advanced Floral Design Online Program is available now.

As you progress through your lessons, you will expand your understanding of floral theory and master contemporary techniques and design mechanics. Our proven teaching methods will prepare you to progress rapidly in your floral career and establish yourself as a true professional. You will learn to utilize the Fibonacci sequence, the golden measure and to master the science of design. You will learn to design with expanded flower varieties, foliages and their related care, handling and mechanics. Our professional floristry courses will cover the latest trends and techniques found in contemporary floral design today.

Our comprehensive learning center program, Advanced Floral Design, covers everything you need to prepare yourself for Floral Design Institute certification. Each day is packed full with fabulous information you will utilize throughout your career as a Certified Floral Designer.


Advanced Floral Design is designed to provide advanced training for the experienced designer in Wedding Design, Contemporary European and Asian Design, Tropical Flowers and Floral Marketing. 

Care and Handling, Wedding Flowers 

Care and Handling, Gardenias and Stephanotis 

Wiring techniques for Gardenias, Stephanotis and Orchids

Sustaining and Finishing Floral Products 

Bridal Bouquet Trends 

Contemporary Body Flowers 

Hidden Mechanics for Long Lasting Bridal Bouquets 

Formal Linear Design for Wedding and Events 

Reception Décor 

Wedding and Event Consultation, Sales and Service 

Ordering and Purchasing of Fresh Flowers 

Tropical Flower Care and Handling 

Elements and Principles of Floral Design 

Working with Pattern 

Incorporating Fragrance Repetition for Impact 

The Fibonacci Theory of Proportion 

Alternative Design Mechanics 

Armature Techniques 

Use of Creative Floral Design Tools 

Interpretive and Experimental Floral Design 

Creative Containers 

Produce Accented Designs 

Basing and Pavé Design Techniques 

The Asian Influence in Design 

Creative Foliage Manipulation 

The European Influence in Design 

Marketing Your Design Skills


Are there any additional fees for flowers and supplies in this program? - There are no additional fees. We provide all of the flowers and supplies that you will need. 

What materials am I required to bring to the classroom? - We provide everything that you will need in the classroom. This includes all flowers, tools, supplies, books and instructional materials. We do suggest that you bring a hand-held calculator and a camera. It is important that you begin a portfolio of your design work beginning with day one. 

Will I be prepared to work in a flower shop when I complete this program? - Yes, our Basic Floral Design program is designed to fully prepare a graduate for an entry level designer position in a flower shop. We have a Board of Advisors who regularly review our curriculum to make sure that our training is relevant and up-to-date for working in progressive flower shops. 

I want to start my own business, will the completition of Basic Floral Design prepare me for that? - Yes, many Floral Design Institute students have begun their own home, or studio based businesses upon graduation from our Basic Floral Design program. The opportunities for home and studio based, floral design businesses continues to grow, and the Basic Floral Design Career Program offers excellent preparatory instruction.


All course fees include registration, tuition, plus books, all flowers, materials, tools and supplies. Students are asked to bring two items to class: a camera so that they may begin a portfolio of their work and a hand held pocket calculator. All other classroom materials are provided.

 BASIC FLORAL DESIGN consists of: 40 total clock hours 

Training will cost: 

Registration Fee........................... $ 150.00 

Tuition Costs................................ $ 430.00 

Books and Supplies..................... $ 1,170.00 

Total Cost for the Course............. $ 1,750.00 

The registration fee is required at the time of enrollment. Enrollment cannot be guaranteed without payment of the registration fee. The balance of the course fee must be paid seven days prior to the start of class. No space in any class will be guaranteed without full payment seven days prior to the start date of any class.


Thank You FDI for the incredible training, which inspired my design confidence! I just landed a great design job! Kim 

You and David (and the Floral Design Institute) are the best investment in my future that I have ever made!!!!! Tracy 

Many thank yous for the excellent, comprehensive, interactive, enjoyable and exhausting class ! Two days later Tess and I are still synthesizing and mulling over the information and ideas you two and Kathy imparted, as well as the content and practices gleaned from the group conversations. Meg 

Basic Floral Design was the greatest class. I learned so much. It was very organized, well prepared and very comprehensive..... And, lots of fun too. Susie 

Thank You, your institute has given me a well rounded approach to floral design. It has also given me a foot forward in this industry far exceeding my expectations. I could not have gone as far as where I am today without your excellent instructions and hands on approach to design. Furthermore, your institute is my lifeline if I have any questions about Floral Design ,and or questions pertaining to the Floral Industry. Many thanks to Leanne & Dave Kesler and your wonderful staff for their hard work, and dedication to the Art of Floral Design. Tomasi 

What a wonderful experience I had attending your class. You can’t imagine how much you have helped me and in so many ways. Kathleen 

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful experience. You are all gifted teachers and you share yourselves, which is very special. I got a job as soon as I got home. I love it. I feel like this country girl can now handle anything with ease. Betty 

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the wealth of knowledge and experience you shared. I feel you've given me a giant leap ahead of the other designers in this area. Jason 

Thank you for being such a marvelous teacher and wonderful example. My new flower shop is open and I love my life. Thanks again for all that you do. Kathleen

Class Policies

Floral Design Institute is licensed to conduct a private vocational school by the Oregon Department of Education. Floral Design Institute is a member of the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) Education Partners and is an Approved Educational Pathway to AIFD Certification and Accreditation. 

FLORAL DESIGN INSTITUTE is part of Floral Design Institute, Inc., an Oregon Corporation. Floral Design Institute, Inc. is located at 1138 NW 17th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 503-223-8089. Floral Design Institute, Inc. is held solely by Leanne and David Kesler. Leanne serves as the Corporation President and Director of Floral Design Institute. 


Students are requested to notify the school of illness or other emergencies necessitating absence from class and to arrange makeup for the missed class hours/days. Makeup hours/days will be arranged in a subsequent class. All course hours and makeup work must be completed within one year of the registration date. Students may miss a total of 10% of the course class hours, (12 hours, Basic Floral Design and 4 hours Advanced Floral Design) and still receive their certificate.

 Any student behavior which is disruptive to the classroom, impedes the instructor’s attempt to teach or the students to learn is unacceptable, will receive prompt attention, and my be cause for dismissal. Such behavior includes but, is not limited to; violation of safety regulations, interference with other students work, boisterous, vulgar or obscene behavior, being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Re-entry will be at the discretion of the school director. 


Students must be at least 18 years or age. Students should have good vision, the ability to see color and good manual dexterity. Most employment positions require the ability to lift 25 pounds and stand at a design table for extended periods. Pre-requisites for the Advanced Floral Design program are; successful completion of the Basic Floral Design program or 500 hours of on the job experience as a floral designer. 


Upon completion of the course curriculum, each student will be given a practical and a written exam. 

The practical exam will require the student to create an arrangement, a corsage and a bud vase utilizing the skills gained during the course. Evaluation will be based upon the 5 elements of design, six principles of design, and mechanics of construction. There are 400 points possible in this exam. 

The written exam reviews the information covered in the text and classroom lectures. There are 100 points possible on this exam. 

To receive the Floral Design Institute certificate, students must achieve 60% or better on each exam. Failure to do so on either or both will require independent study and re-testing to receive the certificate. 


Student records are kept for 25 years according to Department of Education Guidelines. Students may request a transcript by contacting the Floral Design Institute office: 1138 NW 17th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209 – 503-223-8089 


Students need to be in class to receive the full benefit of the course studies. Unfortunately, situations arise that can prevent you from attending. In case of absence, students can schedule to attend future sessions and make up the missed material. All make up time should be scheduled directly with the instructor. 


(Professional Classes): If a student should withdraw from the course and cancel the enrollment agreement; monies paid will be refunded according to the following schedule and policies. 

1) Refunds will be paid directly and exclusively to the individual or institution who paid for the course. 

2) A full refund of money paid will be given to an applicant that is not accepted by the school prior to the beginning of class. 

3) If the student withdraws prior to beginning class and within five days of signing the enrollment agreement or making an initial payment. Then, the student will receive a full refund of all money paid. 

4) If the student withdraws prior to beginning class and after five days of signing the enrollment agreement or making an initial payment. Then, the student will receive a full refund of all money paid, less the registration fee. 

5) If a student withdraws after enrolling in and beginning class. Then, the student will receive a refund based on the following pro rata tuition / books and supplies adjustment schedule, less the registration fee.

 Percent of Enrollment time Tuition, Books &Supplies Refunded 

0.01 - 10% 90% 

10.1 - 25% 75% 

25.1 - 50% 50% 

50.1% - 100% 0% 

6) Students may withdraw and cancel the enrollment agreement by giving written notice to the school. 

TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT (Professional Classes): 

All Floral Design Institute students will be trained on the use of and will practice with the following tools, equipment and products; floral knife, floral shears, floral foam, floral cooler, floral food, floral adhesives, bouquet holders, wires, ribbons, floral tapes, pick machine, floral containers, packaging material and rose stripper.

Advanced Floral Design Certification

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