Bespoke Garden Style Design November 19, 2024


This is a full-day floral arrangements workshop, 8:30AM to 5:00 PM

The Class is held in our Portland, Oregon classroom. 1138 NW 17th Ave., 97209

The Bespoke Garden Style is currently the hottest trend in floral design. While new to many younger designers, this was the popular design style at the beginning of the 20th century and was popularized by the famous designer Constance Spry. The casual, relaxed style focuses on cuttings from the garden and old-fashioned, blousy blooms. The design, often based upon an armature appeals to the eco-conscious consumer looking to avoid the use of floral foam.

While the style appears effortless, there are a number of techniques and skills that a designer must master to create a beautifully crafted design. In this class, we will study the history of this design as well as the tools, techniques, and mechanics used. We will demonstrate designs in traditional floral netting as well as floral foam and will create both centerpiece designs and hand-held bouquets. Join us in this class and learn to create the trendy, Bespoke Garden Style. And take home beautiful bespoke garden-styled designs to enjoy. We've gathered a fabulous collection of seasonal, exotic, and textural treasures for you to work with as you complete your design. Register early. This Constance Spry floral arrangements workshop is sure to sell out.

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