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Rose Gloves One Pair Size 8

I adore roses. I love their complex beauty, their colors, and their wonderful fragrance. I love everything except their thorns. And some of the most beautiful cultivars have some of the most vicious thorns.

For years I searched for the perfect tool for stripping the thorns from rose stems. While I found many effective thorn stripping tools, most also damaged the rose stems. And a scarified rose stem will not drink water. Five years ago, we found the perfect tool for stripping thorns. A glove with a soft, yet totally "thorn-proof" coating. By simply grasping the rose stem, then pulling your gloved hand down the rose stem, you can remove or blunt the rose thorns. These gloves also offer wonderful protection when working with evergreens, holly, or any "prickly" foliages.

Our Rose Gloves come in three sizes:
Size 8, Women's Small
Size 9, Women's Large
Size 10, Men's Medium

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