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Water Tubes Pack of 10 3.25 Inch

These water tubes taper to a pointed and barbed end. They were originally designed for use in creating sympathy tributes. Chrysanthemum, Carnation, Rose or other long lasting blossoms would be individually fitted with water tubes.

The floral water picks would then be set into pre-formed sheets of Styrofoam to create specific designs, fraternal organization emblems, etc. While still valuable for this purpose, (you would be amazed at the number of water tubes used in Rose Parade floats) they have many other uses. I often use them for short stemmed blossoms like cymbidium orchids, setting the water tube into the floral foam with the other flowers in a design. You can tape the tube to a dowel or plant stake and create an extender for short stemmed flowers. To add delicate blossoms like violets to a wired and taped bridal bouquet, I insert the blossoms into a water tube, then wire and tape the water tube, and add it to the bouquet.

At Floral Design Institute we teach students how to use all design tools and supplies in the Basic Floral Design course. 

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