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Floral Design Techniques are the “nuts & bolts” of floral design. A good understanding of basic flower arrangement techniques is essential to complete a superior design. Accomplished floral designers are continuously studying, practicing and refining floral design techniques.

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Stems of lily grass woven together with bind wire creating the look of a tatami mat.

Tatami Technique

Sometimes a simple technique added to an arrangement can elevate it from everyday to extraordinary! In this video Lead Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI FDI demonstrates the Tatami weaving technique. It's simple with just two materials - lily grass and bind wire - but it can add dimension, movement and creative flair to your designs.

A tall bouquet full of movement and soft colors using willow eucalyptus, seeded eucalyptus, garden roses, carnations, chrysanthemum, hydrangea, and sweet peas, woven into a natural armature made from curly willow.

All Natural Bouquet Armature

Foam-free designs are wonderful and long-lasting, allowing the flowers and foliages to go directly into the water, but sometimes you need a Little more support for those stems. In this video Michelle Headrick AIFD shows you how to create an all-natural armature that adds structure AND looks great, too.

A lavish cornucopia made from barked wire and tinted tassel grass, overflowing with Coffee time roses, Cappuccino roses, chocolate brown lisianthus, tinted beech leaves, nandina, magnolia, and dried golden rain tree pods.

Rustic Harvest Cornucopia

Celebrate the abundance of the Autumn season with a “horn-of-plenty” full of Fall floral goodies that you create yourself. In this video Lead Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI FDI takes you through the process of creating a rustic cornucopia and an accompanying floral design. When you’re done you can proudly tell your guests, “I made that!”. Enjoy!

A spiraled contemporary wrist cuff made from copper aluminum wire.

Contemporary Wrist Cuff Base

Aluminum wire is such a versatile & malleable material, and the perfect choice for creating custom wearables. In this video Lead Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI FDI shows you step-by-step how to create a Contemporary Wrist Cuff Base, ready to adorn with your favorite flowers. Enjoy!

Wrapping wire with yarn creates one-of-a-kind accents for floral arrangements, wedding work, and container enhancements.

Wrapping Yarn

Using yarn in a design can add so much texture and unique tactile qualities. In this video, Leanne shares the technique for wrapping wire with yarn to create one-of-a-kind accents for arrangements, wedding work, and container enhancements. Enjoy!

A gorgeous floral necklace mixes beads with pink hypericum berries, then it’s decorated with white micro mini phalaenopsis orchids, red hanging amaranthus, viburnum berries, kalanchoe florets, brunia, green String of Pearls, and blue hyacinth.

Behind the Scenes: Floral Necklace

This video takes you behind the scenes with Teacher Marisa Perring AIFD FDI for a bit more detail on the techniques she used when creating the beautiful Floral Necklace. Enjoy the on-trend floral jewelry slideshow and learn more about the inspiration behind the design in this video.

A modern prom wearable features green woven lily grass, red button poms, blue bella donna delphinium florets, and a little bit of bling.

Behind the Scenes: Modern Prom Wearable

In this video clip Leanne is joined by Lead Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI FDI to share tips & more details on the construction of and the inspiration behind Michelle's Modern Prom Wearable, featuring woven lily grass. Enjoy this peek behind the scenes!

A formal line corsage of orange spray roses.

Creating a Wired Line Corsage

There are many methods for creating corsages. You can create a corsage using the glue or tie technique. But, only the classic wire and tape technique will work for many corsage styles. In this video Leanne shares the techniques for wiring and taping as she creates a formal line corsage. Enjoy!

Wiring and taping flowers is an essential technique for professional floral designers, and five methods for wiring floral materials such as tulips, roses, carnations, and leaves are shown.

How to Wire Flowers

The wiring and taping of flowers is an essential technique for professional floral designer. In this video Leanne demonstrates the five methods for wiring flowers. Mastery of these skills will allow you to create corsages, boutonnieres, floral crowns and so much more. Enjoy!

A unique woven palm nautilus is a perfect addition to a beautiful floral design that combines roses, orchids, protea, and reflexed tulips in sunset hues.

Creating a Palm Nautilus

Foliage manipulation and weaving are valuable skills for the advanced floral designer. In this video Leanne demonstrates the technique for creating a palm nautilus. With practice this technique becomes easy and can add dramatic flair to your contemporary designs. Enjoy!

A gorgeous cascading bouquet in blush and peach hues mixes roses, stock, protea, hydrangea, ranunculus, seeded eucalyptus, Italian ruscus, aspidistra, Israeli ruscus, aralia leaves, and lily grass.

Cascading Bridal Bouquet

Cascading Bouquets are on trend and growing in popularity.  However, these fabulous bouquets require updated techniques and mechanics.  In this video Leanne will demonstrate the use of a revived technique from the 1920’s featuring poultry netting to create these wonderful and luxurious bouquets.  Enjoy!

Peach and blush colored poinsettia blossoms are used as cut flowers in a beautiful holiday floral design that also mixes matching hypericum berries, and spray roses in a pale pink vase.

Cut Poinsettia Care and Handling

The beautiful Poinsettia blossom can be used as a cut flower; if you know the proper techniques. Yes, the cut blossoms will last for a week or more in an arrangement and also do well in floral foam. In this video clip Leanne shares her Poinsettia tricks and creates a beautiful holiday arrangement. Enjoy!

A beautiful table top Christmas tree is created using Oregonia Boxwood and then decorated with silver color enhanced pine cones  and matching holiday decorations.

Table Top Christmas Tree

On trend for the Christmas season is the Table Top Christmas Tree. As homes become smaller these trees are increasing in popularity. In this video clip Leanne demonstrates the techniques for creating a beautiful tree using Oregonia Boxwood. Enjoy!!!

An elegant cascading design for holding a cremation urn combines such floral materials as red roses, light green amaranthus, pale yellow orchids, ginger, and galax leaves.

Cremation Tribute

When Floral Designers think “creative”, they most often think of parties, events and weddings. For the professional florist designing creative sympathy work is just as important as for a wedding. In this video clip Leanne creates an elegant cascading design for holding a cremation urn.

This natural styled cascading bouquet features Phalaenopsis orchid blossoms mixed with craspedia, Israeli ruscus, and galax leaves on a framework of curly willow.

Phalaenopsis Bridal Bouquet

Phalaenopsis Orchid blossoms are perfect an elegant contemporary bridal bouquet. In this video clip Leanne demonstrates the techniques for designing a natural styled cascading bouquet. Enjoy!!!!

An ultra-contemporary bridal bouquet with a long stylized handle has a back covered in vanda orchids and hydrangea petals, and a base made of dusty miller and hydrangea with some succulents added.

Succulent Scepter Bridal Bouquet

Are you ready for a challenge? In this video Leanne demonstrates several new and unique design techniques as she creates a highly detailed, ultra-contemporary bridal bouquet. Fashioned with a long stylized handle and trendy succulents, this bouquet is perfect for the bride that wants something new, hot and trendy. Enjoy!!!

A beautiful parallel style arrangement of dried and permanent materials like succulents, lotus pods, eucalyptus pods, and pine cones also includes elevated tapered candles.

Parallel Permanents

In this techniques video Leanne creates a beautiful parallel style arrangement of dried and permanent materials as she demonstrates an innovative technique for elevating and accentuating taper candles. Enjoy!

It’s easy to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers and foliage like coral spray roses, cranberry cymbidium orchids, blush roses, lime green hydrangeas, and galax leaves.

Wedding Cake Flowers

There are many ways to decorate a wedding cake with fresh flowers. Some techniques are better than others. In this video demonstration Leanne reviews a novel technique that creates a sanitary barrier between the cake and the flowers. This is a technique that you will want to add to your skills library.

Arrangements that combine green plants and blooming plants are popular for Mother’s Day. Placing them in a larger pot and adding bamboo elevates the design, then it is topped off with a bouquet of fresh spring flowers for dramatic effect.

Mothers Day Plants and Flowers

Arrangements containing green plants and blooming plants are very popular for Mother’s Day. The challenge for the progressive florist is in discovering new ways to upgrade and enhance these arrangements. In this video clip Leanne demonstrates several techniques that will make your arrangements very special and inroad their value.