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A Springtime Welcome

The joys and festivities of the winter holidays are over and the steady rhythm of winter living has set in. One of my great joys at this time of the year is spending time at home entertaining friends – nothing too fancy; just good food, stimulating conversation and laughter – lots of laughter! 

From mid-November through December my Christmas wreath hangs on the door as a welcome greeting. The evergreen season may be past but the greeting does not have to leave. For an early winter update, a beautiful boxwood wreath adorned with fresh flowers provides a Springtime Welcome for friends and family and you, too!

Use a beautiful boxwood as the base for the design.


The classic evergreen wreath is beautiful when interpreted with shiny green boxwood. This hardy evergreen will dry beautifully fading to a contemporary hue of blue grey. You can make your own or special order one from the Portland Flower Market based company Wreath Sources.

Materials for this design include miniature cymbidium orchids, ribbons, and water tubes.


The addition of a single stem of miniature cymbidium orchids and ribbons will brighten the wreath. Sophisticated and stylish with chocolate brown satin or festive exuberance of blueberry wired ribbon – two looks to choose from. Small water tubes will keep your orchids lovely for weeks.

Fill the tubes with fresh water, then give the miniature cymbidium orchids a cut and slip them into the tubes.


The design mechanics could not be easier. Just fill each tube with fresh water. Give your orchid a sharp slanted cut and slip it into the tube.

Tuck the ribbon into the boxwood wreath.


Start with 1 yard of ribbon and tuck it into the wreath. You won’t need glue or wire. The boxwood is packed so densely, it will hold the ribbon right in place. But…. Always a but…. If you are placing this in a windy area, a bit of glue would be a good idea. You don’t want to chase your ribbon as it blows through the neighborhood.

Add a festive bow and streamers, then tuck the miniature cymbidium orchids into place throughout the boxwood wreath.


A festive bow and streamers finish the wreath. Yes, this is wired in place using a 22 gauge wire. The orchids are then tucked into place. Again, you can tuck them loosely or glue them in securely to be safe. What glue, you ask? I would use hot glue for this project. It should secure the tubes into the boxwood without a problem.

Hang the finished boxwood wreath on a door.


I put my wreath on an interior door so there is no risk of freezing. The boxwood base is fine outside but the orchids – oh no! Don’t let these little guys freeze. They will do best if you keep them above 50 degrees. 

For all of you living in the mid west or east coast, you will need to keep this inside or leave the orchids off for a few more months. And, for all of you in the mid west and on the east side – I am thinking warm thoughts your direction.

Tuck the chocolate ribbon into the boxwood wreath, then add miniature cymbidium orchids to it.


Vision number two – same song, different verse. The chocolate ribbon is just tucked in place, winding around the wreath base. This time, no bow; just the slow, meandering rhythm of winding ribbon and fresh flowers.

Hang the finished boxwood wreath on a door.


Don’t you love the sophistication of chocolate brown? It is so appropriate for this time of the year. Create away, hang it on your door and make yourself a cup of cocoa. What better way to reward yourself for job well done?

Thank you for sharing this a beautiful boxwood wreath adorned with fresh miniature cymbidium orchids and elegant ribbons. If you would like to lean more, join us in the Classroom or Online and study the theories and techniques of design with the Floral Design Institute Instructors.

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