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Floral Design Institute has been teaching floral design since 1969 and has been creating online how-to design demonstrations since 1998. Subjects range from flower care and handling, design basics and wedding flowers, to advanced design techniques and styles. This library is viewed by thousands of floral design professionals and students throughout the world every day. Produced exclusively by Floral Design Institute, the slide show demonstrations in this library are free to all. Enjoy!

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A hand-tied wedding bouquet adds a coordinating ribbon for an elegant flourish.

Wedding Bouquet Ribbon Technique

Nothing completes a hand-tied wedding bouquet quite like the addition of a coordinating ribbon. It’s that little something extra, that small detail, that truly makes the bouquet look complete. But what to do with those ribbon ends? Tie a bow? Clip them off? Decisions! In this step-by-step tutorial, FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI walks you through her favorite ribbon technique for finishing off a wedding bouquet. It’s secure and tidy – and it uses no knots, no glue, and no pins! Simple and sophisticated with double-faced satin ribbon, this technique can also be done with jute, twine, yarn – you name it!

A finished floral necklace is displayed on a mannequin.

Floral Necklace

Traditionally, hand held bouquets are expected for a Bride as they are a way to communicate romantic sentiments through flowers. But why not expand beyond tradition! Teacher Marisa Perring AIFD FDI found a collection of gathered necklaces to showcase the language of flowers in a more Bespoke approach that can be worn instead of carried.

A beautiful modern prom wearable corsage is made of woven lily grass and finished with a button pom and rhinestones.

Modern Prom Wearable

Prom 2022 is on this year and the dates are coming up quickly on the calendar! For many schools, this prom will be the first in-person celebration in two years – and the first prom ever for some students – so flowers do play an important role in this rite of passage for young adults. In this step-by-step tutorial, FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI takes a few easy-to-find materials – lily grass, button poms, and a little bit of bling – and weaves them together into a modern prom wearable suitable for guys and gals alike. Best of all: this beautiful and modern prom flower piece requires no pins!

Valentine's spiral hand-tie bouquet set in a clear glass vase

Valentine's Spiral Hand-Tie

Looking for a chic and stylish way to share flowers on Valentine’s Day? FDI Instructor Marisa Perring AIFD FDI has the answer as she puts a contemporary spin on the classic spiral hand-tie bouquet, creating the perfect gift for you or someone you love. Unique and interesting textures are paired with tints, tones, and shades of traditional holiday red, giving you a special way to say “I love you” with a flourish!

A closeup photo of a portion of the design featuring flowers in water tubes inserted into birch branches

Very Peri Specimen Centerpiece

What better way to highlight the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 — Very Peri — than with a minimalist design showcasing specimen blooms in tints, tones, shades, and related hues. In this step-by-step tutorial, FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI builds a simple structure that brings the flowers into focus, using tree branches and water tubes. Its size is easily scale-able — you can make a smaller version for a desk or a night stand, or fashion a larger centerpiece to run down the middle of a banquet table. Either way, grab your tools and have fun creating this exciting, unique, and stylish design project!

Closeup of the Christmas Arrangement

Christmas Touches

Is your home space too small for a traditional Christmas tree? Do you need a festive winter design to grace a side table or share as a wonderful hostess gift? If that's true, then FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI has you covered! In this step-by-step tutorial, Teacher Michelle uses an assortment of winter materials and a trio of silver ornaments - enhanced with a bit of sparkle - to create a bright and beautiful design that can be easily adjusted to fit your holiday color scheme.

A whimsical autumn arrangement mixes fall leaves, dogwood branches, sweet gum tree pods, bunny tails, amaranthus, spray mums, oat grass, carnations, green trick dianthus, brunia, seeded eucalyptus, and oregonia in a carvable pumpkin.

Elevated Autumn Centerpiece

What do you get when Teacher Marisa Perring AIFD and Assistant Creative Director Parker Jenkins collaborate on a floral design? Why a unique and whimsical autumn arrangement of course! The creative result of their collective imagination is a fall design that mixes fresh, foraged and faux materials in a carvable pumpkin, which can be repurposed for any future autumn season or event.

A fantastic floral fascinator combines fresh, dried, and preserved materials with one fabulous white Phalaenopsis orchid bloom.

Fantastic Floral Fascinator

Want to up your accessories game for the next social event you attend with a “fascinating” take on flowers-to-wear? Then you’re in the right place! In this step-by-step tutorial, FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI mixes an assortment of fresh, dried, and preserved materials — and one fabulous white Phalaenopsis orchid bloom — to create a foliage and fresh flower fascinator headband. (Why should the British have all the fun?!)

This beautiful linear floral design in a yellow orange color palette mixes mini-cymbidium orchids, billy balls, equisetum, aspidistra leaves, and galax leaves.

Marvelous Mini-Cymbidiums

Are you fascinated by orchids of all kinds? Have you ever wondered what you can do with one stem of mini cymbidium orchids? In this tutorial, FDI instructor Marisa Perring AIFD demonstrates a step-by-step process for maximizing the application of a single stem while sharing a special technique that uses equisetum as a water source.

A vibrant and juicy-colored boho floral design mixes Italian ruscus, variegated pittosporum, acacia foliage, dahlias, marigolds, Blueberry roses, Shimmer roses, spray roses, ranunculus, and scabiosa in a pottery vessel.

Boho Chic Design

Ahhh, summertime! The fields are full of gorgeous flowers — what a fabulous time of year to create a bold design filled with dramatic, late summer hues. In this tutorial FDI Instructor Carolyn Catron FDI demonstrates a step-by-step process for designing this boho chic arrangement in a pottery vessel, using floral foam for the mechanics.

A lovely moss-covered monogram adds a unique touch to a guestbook or check-in table at a special event.

Moss Monograms

Looking for a simple – yet unique – way to add personalization to a wedding or event? How about a moss monogram flower arrangement! In this tutorial FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI walks you through the steps to create a moss-covered monogram using rigid-foam insulation, perfectly sized for a guestbook or check-in table.

Beautiful anthuriums add elegance to a bold and striking floral design.

Amazing Anthuriums

A design can be simple and minimal, but also be bold and impactful. To create this dramatic linear anthurium flower arrangement, teacher Marisa Perring AIFD demonstrates a dramatic linear design, expanding upon the elements, principles, and design mechanics.

Members of an equestrian court decorate their parade horses with gorgeous floral designs on the horses' bridles, tails, and rumps.

Equestrian Parade Flowers

What’s a parade without horses and rodeo queens? Not nearly as fun! In this Flower School Slide Show, FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI shares tips and tricks for decking out an equestrian court with fabulous flowers, including horse and saddle flower arrangements.

A casual contemporary corsage filled with beautiful blooms including ranunculus can be tucked into the pocket of a sweater or jacket for a stylish look.

Casual Contemporary Corsage

Flowers to wear are not confined for use in formal events. In this slideshow demonstration FDI instructor Marisa Perring AIFD expands on the classic pocket boutonniere to create a beautiful design perfect for casual occasions.

This lovely floral design mixes lilies, aspidistra, lily grass, and color enhanced crocodyllus and fatsia leaves for creative balance and beauty.

Creative Balance

Beautiful design includes all the elements and principles, great use of floral materials, and a little creative surprise. Teacher Marisa Perring AIFD created this lovely arrangement. The focus is on creative balance and innovative use of enhanced floral materials.

A spectacular floral design in the vegetative style mixes spring flowers like muscari, daffodils, and sweet peas with green trick dianthus, andromeda, and budding huckleberry branches

Vegetative Spring Design

I love springtime. I love the longer days and the warming temperatures. But, most of all I love the flowers, foliages and budding branches that are unique to the spring season. For this slide show we asked David Kesler AIFD to create a vegetative floral design. This style of design requires a naturalistic composition in which plant materials are positioned as they would grow in nature. This is David's favorite design style and his finished design is spectacular.

A gorgeous, over-the-top homecoming cuff with lots of bling is covered in orange roses, bright yellow spray roses, and sunshine colored craspedia for a beautiful style.

Homecoming Floral Cuff

Floral jewelry is one of the hottest floral trends for proms, homecoming dances and weddings. In this week’s Flower School Slide Show, FDI Instructor Michelle Headrick AIFD PFCI shares a favorite technique for creating a gorgeous, over-the-top homecoming cuff with lots of bling. Enjoy!

A dramatic, long lasting, stately and elegant (as well as mechanically sound) tall wedding table centerpiece is filled with hydrangeas, roses, ruscus and plumosa.

Tall Wedding Centerpiece

As a Floral Designer, creating tall wedding flower centerpieces for the first time can be stressful. In this week’s Flower School Slide Show, FDI Instructor Jeri Barr shares some professional mechanics and a step by step guide to help you create dramatic, long lasting and mechanically sound tall wedding table flower arrangements.

Paperwhites are a beautiful meditation flower for the New Year, particularly when they are combined with yellow dogwood branches and birch bark as in they are in this lovely floral design.

Winter Paperwhites

Paperwhites are the perfect meditation flower for the dawn of the new year. With 2016 racing to a close it’s time to reflect, but also time to look forward. These beautiful bulb flowers share a meaning of prosperity and wealth, especially for the future—what a grand way to begin 2017! 

In this week’s slideshow Winter Paperwhites, Callie DeWolf AIFD, will share an inspiring floral design, Sure to evoke a sense of clarity and calmness. Enjoy!

This Christmas Kissing Ball is filled with evergreens, pine cones, colorful ornaments, and festive ribbon for a beautiful effect.

Christmas Kissing Ball

Mistletoe has long been known as the traditional Christmas kissing green, but did you know there are also Christmas kissing balls? Yes, it's true! This tradition began in England during the Middle Ages, and was revived during the Victorian Era. This is where the fusion between mistletoe and the kissing ball evolved into the contemporary holiday decoration that fills the home with a bit of Christmas whimsy and a touch of romance. In this week's slide show Callie DeWolf AIFD will show you how to create your very own Christmas Kissing Ball, just in time for the holiday party season!