A finished floral necklace is displayed on a mannequin.

Floral Necklace

It is easy to add a bit of romance to your next event with an amazing fresh flower necklace, and accessorizing with fresh floral jewelry is so on-trend. In this step-by-step tutorial, FDI Instructor Marisa Perring AIFD FDI creates a couture style design perfect for weddings, proms, a black-tie soiree, or a glamorous afternoon tea with friends. Wait, what about a wedding shower, baby shower, photo shoot, or something to wear today? Yes, this splendid floral necklace is the perfect everyday accessory for the flower lover!

Display of materials used in the demonstration.

STEP ONE: To begin your design, choose two types of necklaces that will serve as the base for your piece. Be sure to select a necklace that has a clasp so that it can be secured and removed more easily. An example of the “base” necklace Teacher Marisa used is shown above. When considering materials for a floral necklace, choose plants and smaller textural bits which are similar in size and scale to the necklace beads as they will add contrast and visual interest to the piece. 

The full recipe appears at the bottom of the page.

Threading hypericum berries onto a length of wire.

STEP TWO: This lovely floral necklace is built in layers so begin by determining what length the final piece will be. Then take a piece of 24 gauge metallic wire and start threading loose beads on to it. If desired, use beads from another necklace that was taken apart. Alternate the beads with hypericum berries to enhance the overall harmony of the piece. Be sure to leave some wire exposed on both ends so this strand can be easily attached to the “base” necklace.

Completed strings of hypericum berries.

STEP THREE: When the strand of beads and berries has been threaded together at the desired length, take the metallic wire and twist the ends of it to hook the strand securely onto the back of the “base” necklace.

The addition of more necklace strings, some with real beads to create an interwoven bundle of necklaces.

STEP FOUR: Repeat Step Two to create a second longer strand of 24 gauge metallic wire threaded with hypericum berries interspersed with beads and attach it to the back of the “base” necklace too. Adding a second longer strand expands the volume and texture of the floral necklace and increases the visual interest of the piece as well. Teacher Marisa also chose to add a thin chain to her floral necklace to create a dynamic line across the chest and a vertical line down the left side of the body.

Adding flowers to the bundle of necklaces.

STEP FIVE: Use OASIS Floral Adhesive to glue the micro mini phalaenopsis orchids directly to the necklace. Place a few beautiful blooms throughout the form to establish rhythm, then attach a few small succulents for contrast.

An addition of amaranths to the necklace

STEP SIX: Next affix some red hanging amaranthus to the piece. This lovely material helps define dynamic lines and it excites the eye with its perfect draping quality.

n addition of small florets, and berries using tweezers.

STEP SEVEN: Using the Oasis Floral Adhesive, add kalanchoe florets, brunia, and viburnum berries for more texture and visual interest. For better control use tweezers when attaching the more delicate materials.

An addition of String of Pearls to the necklace.

STEP EIGHT: Attach a couple of strands of String of Pearls, the perfect material to enhance the form of the necklace. The delicate green pearls are a favorite of Teacher Marisa. Then include a few clusters of pussy willow to give the necklace a bit more texture.

An addition of hyacinth florets.

STEP NINE: Add a few florets of blue hyacinth for color and to take this gorgeous necklace to the next level of style and elegance.

The finished floral necklace.

STEP TEN: Attach one micro mini phalaenopsis orchid at the lowest point of the vertical cascading line for the final finishing detail. For a Behind-the-Scenes look at the techniques used in this necklace, visit the Flower Lover's Club Here. Thank you to FDI Instructor Marisa Perring AIFD FDI for her fabulous couture style floral necklace. This unique and fashionable accessory is a splendid way to wear flowers for any special event or occasion. If you would like to learn more, check out Leanne’s interview with Teacher Marisa in the Flower Lovers Club technique library. We hope you can join us in the Classroom or Online and study the theories and techniques of design with the Floral Design Institute Teachers.

Full Recipe 

Micro Mini Phalaenopsis Orchids 


String of Pearls 

Kalanchoe plant 

Two inch succulent plants 

Hypericum berries 



Hanging amaranthus 

Pussy willow 

A variety of beaded necklaces 

OASIS Floral Adhesive 

24 gauge metallic wire 


Jewelry pliers 


  • Fresh Flower Food Individual Pack 10 ounce tub
    Fresh Flower Food Individual Pack 10 ounce tub
  • Crowning Glory Individual Pack 32 ounce spray bottle
    Crowning Glory Individual Pack 32 ounce spray bottle
  • Quick Dip Individual Pack One Pint
    Quick Dip Individual Pack One Pint
  • Oasis Floral Adhesive Individual Pack 3.9 Gram Tube
    Oasis Floral Adhesive Individual Pack 3.9 Gram Tube
  • UGlu Strips Pack of 50 1.5x3 inches
    UGlu Strips Pack of 50 1.5x3 inches
  • Metallic Wire Single 164 Ft Spool 24 Gauge (Gold)
    Metallic Wire Single 164 Ft Spool 24 Gauge (Gold)